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  1. Barry,

    This is Kent McCune I am the one with the broken button on my CD player, the buttons are one unit & I have it photographed but not sure on how to upload it to the forum.

  2. Hello I have been referred to you in hopes that you may be able to help me locate a replacement T3-1086 Function button for my Carver SD/A-390t CD player, thanks in advance for your help!

    1. kve777


      Hi, sorry. Hen's teeth. Best to send someone who has one a programmable remote and give them a few bucks to program it and send it back. Post in the general forum.


  3. Thanks I will do that!  I have a TFM-35X amp, CT-23 Pre-amp/tuner & a SD/A-390t CD player all bought new in ~1994. I  recently found a SDA-450 CD player at a Goodwill Store for $20 put a new belt on it & now am listening to Rory Gallagher Live!

    1. Sk1Bum


      Nice score! Congratulations.

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