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  1. From one noob to another, welcome. Enjoy the site.
  2. Kenny Chesney, Songs for the Saints, "We're All Here"
  3. As with many things in life, this is appropriate. Chris Stapleton, "Starting Over"
  4. Nice to see that 2270 in that stack. Looks pristine. Can't help with the quadraphonic, never got into it back in the day.
  5. I don't know if noobs are allowed to welcome people back to the site, but here goes "Welcome back". It will be interesting to see how your project turns out.
  6. Dire Straits - Love Over Gold "Telegraph road".
  7. I started this journey in the early to mid 1970's with a Marantz 2270 receiver, Dual 1229 turntable, Rectilinear IIIa speakers and a Sony Cassette deck. I also had a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls (before the II, III, and IV) but didn't like them for classical music listening. As time went by, that stuff all got sold or traded and I moved into Audio Research tube equipment, buying some new and some used. The wife didn't like the ARC bi-amped Tympani IIIa Magneplanar "room dividers" , as she called them, with a set of bass panels, so they got traded for a pair of KEF 105 (no suffix, just original
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