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  1. Hey Guys, I purchased a capacitor refresh kit for my Carver TFM-22. Did all the work myself, and did it correctly as I am a really good pro-soldering tech. I plugged in the unit, it powered up just fine and I adjusted the alignment for both output channels. Left dialed in just fine at 1 mv, but the right will not adjust over .09 mv. I replaced the output regulators/modules and still the same thing. Anyone been through this procedure?

  2. Thanks for the comment. That may be true, never thought of the sound sonics.
  3. Yes, it's great having the template. The cherry board I have is 5/8" thick. I'll have to plane it down to around 3/8.
  4. Hey Guys, New topic here...I have many projects going on. I was on Craigslist a few months ago, and saw an ad for this turntable for $25. It was missing the stylus and cartridge, but it looked just peachy! The ad was up for about 39 minutes and I immediately called the guy. I met him, payed him and took the turntable home. Upon research, this is a vintage GEM and Garrard's first direct drive model from what I read. It's also very much sought after. The guy said it worked fine, but again, no cartridge. I took the bottom off to see what this was made of (it obviously has a veneer cherry finish)
  5. Excellent! Thanks so much! I was in Frankfurt 82-84. Looking back, I didn't see any Carver stereo stuff in the PX. I saw Marantz, Fisher etc....bought a Fisher Studio Standard system and it fell apart within a few years. Gosh, I loved Germany, and had a few friends in Bamberg. My MOS was 73C (Finance Specialist) and I was with 18th Finance Co. in Frankfurt right behind the V Corps building. I can still taste those fine German hops and barley with a schnitzel and applecorn chaser! Guten Ahbend!
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "what kind" of tweeter. On the back there's only a small '4' stamped in, and I'm assuming that means 4 ohm. As you can see, the tweeters (2 per speaker) are exposed on top of the cabinet. Thanks for the comment.
  7. Hey Carver Fans! I'm still navigating around the site to learn the mechanics and posting. I don't mean to be redundant, but I posted this on my page earlier. This is my Carver Rack System I bought at a pawn shop many years ago for $350. It came with a set of MK SX-4 speakers too. When I got the system home, I was blown away at the sound this system put out! Been a Carver fan ever since. Now, it's time for a complete capacitor upgrade that I'm doing myself...I'm a very good pro soldering tech, and I love doing it. Here's a few pics of the rare speakers too that are absolutely AMAZING....to this
  8. This is my Carver rack system. I had it in storage for quite a while in Ohio while I was living in Texas. I'm currently doing a complete capacitor upgrade to the TFM-22 amp. It's a pretty easy unit to work on...don't have to remove anything but the top and bottom casing. The huge power supply cans were glued to the main PCB, but a little MEK on a small brush melted it perfectly without damage to any other components. I'll be powering it up soon after I do the alignment for L&R output. FUN STUFF!!!

    Carver for site (2).JPG

  9. Thanks so much! Looking fwd to a great experience here.
  10. Thank you! I'd do it all again...I loved serving. USA! USA!
  11. Thanks so much for the reply! It was a great day for sure...I wonder if the trash guys would have recognized what was there if I wasn't. Chances are, it would have been in the back of a truck among heaps of rubbish.
  12. Thanks so much for the reply! Yes, it was a great day and PERFECT timing seeing the woman toting that amp....she was struggling a bit because of the weight, but I gladly snapped it up.
  13. I have other pics, but need to trim them down to post. The amp had a few blown power supply cans. I'll post those pics soon! Man, they were swollen, but didn't leak thank God.
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