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  1. Thank you, guys! I appreciate it! Another trip around the sun...
  2. This past weekend, I finally replaced 8 of the capacitors that Bob (Carver) had told me to replace in my HRS-12 subwoofer that had a constant buzz to it no matter what the volume level. It fixed about 90% or more of the buzz and made listening to my Belle clones much more tolerable. I love the dynamic sound of the Belle/La Scala models but their lack of low end kind of takes the enjoyment away so it's finally nice to have some LF extension now. A horn loaded sub would be much better, and I will build one some day, as the efficiency and sound matches better than a small sealed sub.
  3. Oh, I agree fully.We use some Ruckus AP bridges to send internet to some of our buildings so they can have internet and it comes off of our system versus having to pay one of the crap local SP's to do it. Those work great and do exactly what we need them to do. I'm about 2 miles from one of our buildings and I swear, if there weren't trees and a couple of hills in the way, I'd be trying to add a pair of those on for service and just set my house up on a separate VLAN. ha
  4. I do have a leather recliner in there but I guess I forgot to get a good pic of that. I dont like having a seat for one as there's nowhere for my buddy to sit when he comes over, at some point, to listen. Or for my wife to sit, for that matter. Going to find a love seat or couch at some point to rectify that which will be easier to move than the recliner...especially with carpet sliders. Speaking of, I need those for speakers, too. I appreciate the compliments. I'm enjoying the space, finally, when I'm able to get up there.
  5. We're officially in our new house now as of a couple months ago...finally. I had the upstairs finished out which is about 15.5'x 36' so I have good space. Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy yesterday, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year. I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t (thanks @dennismiller55 ) which, honestly, sounds a little better on the Belles. Obviously its 4x the power
  6. I'm in that same boat with our new house we moved into back in late May. There's a house 762 feet from me that has cable internet, up to 100mb, or dsl but for us to get it, they would have to trench about 2000 feet through everyone's front yard, run under the street, and then to my house. Cost wise, out of the question. It sucks as I'm the network administrator for the city and we have 500mb fiber for our use and all we're really able to do is use our "unlimited" data from cell phones. There's 1500 feet of cat6 ran through the house, that my wife and I ran, and at least one connection in ever
  7. My first stereo was a hand me down solid state console from around 1970 that my grandparents had bought. It made it's way into my bedroom when I was maybe 10 or 11. I remember their best friends bought me a pair of Koss HV1A's for Christmas that year. (I was a jammer already) Next was a Zenith Allegro all in one unit that was quite fancy for its time. I think my grandparents bought that one for me but can't recall. Now the first stereo I bought for myself was a Technics SU-8055 integrated amp, Realistic Lab-420 turntable, and a pair of Sansui SU-57 speakers. Nothing too crazy. This was
  8. (you have to say this one fairly fast to someone for them to really think about it and get it) A guy walks into a Psychiatrist office wearing nothing but a pair of shorts made from clear saran wrap. The doctor walks in and says, "Well, I can clearly see your (you're) nuts".
  9. @B-Man I found the link to the YouTube video about that D-1200
  10. Those D-1200's were a beast and very surprising. A friend of a good friend in Phoenix has some sort of equipment where he can test amplifiers under practically any load without losing power and ran one of these through the mill. It was quite impressive even being in stock form. I always wanted one of those. I'm pondering selling one or both of my Mac amps and getting a new Onkyo M-5000R to match the P-3000R I bought a couple years back. I've known the National Sales Director since 2001 when I was the rep for Onkyo/Integra (till 2009) and still can buy things at Rep Sample price
  11. Yeah...90's rock but his name is Kip, too. ha
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