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  1. Prayers for Wayne and his loved ones. He was always a good guy and will be missed. 😞
  2. Congratulations Kevin! Thanks Charlie for another great Karma.
  3. I can read the lettering. Silver is definitely more user friendly than anthracite. Thanks for the wonderful Karma. I would like 80 please.
  4. If there isn't anyone here interested I suppose that I will look at other options. I hate to see it sitting in the closet unused.
  5. Welcome! Pull up a chair and enjoy your stay.
  6. I am offering for sale BillD's personal M-400. I purchased it from Dadvw last year. It sounds great and works properly. Bill recapped it and changed out the LED's with Blue ones so it looks unique. After moving things around I really do not have a use for it. (Carverfest amp upstairs and the Polk SDA's downstairs require common ground) It is a part of the site and sentimental history. I would like to get $300 plus shipping which is what I paid for it. (I will try to get a better picture over the weekend)
  7. I would like to be in with 22 please.
  8. Congratulations Dennis and Thanks to Charlie. Have a great New Year.
  9. Thanks for the wonderful offer! The camera I have now is a cheap Kodak that is around 20 years old. I usually use my phone which isn't much better. Let's try 89.
  10. I have records that were treated with LAST close to 40 years ago and they sound fine. The original last treatment does a nice job of lowering surface noise. (Part of this might be connected to the high grade cleaner/applicator brushes included) I'm not sure what it is or why it works, but it does. (Their description of what it does has been debunked by chemists) If you decide to try it I strongly suggest buying directly from the factory. About 15 years ago there were some folks who apparently purchased a large number of bottles and saved the contents in another container. They then refilled the last bottles with something else and sold them on eBay.
  11. I would like to be in with 18 please. Merry Christmas!
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