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  1. don't use a eq  when u play it loud  I have had the same problem and I don't play above 126 dB    that's about 5000 watts peak,. I have burnt 2 of my 18 in woofers


  2. Thanks for the Welcome

  3. LOVE CARVER but ADCOM is also good to !!!
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes Cerwin Vega's.  I have a pair of the twin 15's myself.  Love that bi-amp feature!

    1. maytag


      I roasted my mids and tweeters a while back on my XLS215s. Killed them with a TFM 75. No spare parts. I check with CV every week or so and the same response- "probably in a shipping container off the coast".

  5. Yes I have an ebay id it is msch-5950



    1. Charles May

      Charles May

      My  phone number is 802 751 5423 and my ebay is msch-5950 and I can send you a pic of my equipment if you are interested.

    2. Charles May

      Charles May

       I can not send you email, it is blocked.

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