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  1. Packed up and ready to go. Tony
  2. How about $20.00 shipped. Tony
  3. I have one that I got with a parts unit. The pins and some of the transistors were gone when I got it. Tony
  4. I meant to put that in the repair thread! Tony
  5. I have been working on SN#0574 that I have had sitting here for sometime now. I need a few transistor subs for the amp board Q18 MPS8093. I also need Q12 TIS97. I just can't seem to find one that has all the correct specs for this one. Type Mat Struct Pc Vcb Vce Veb Ic Tj Ft Cc Hfe Caps TIS97 Si PNP 0.5 40 40 7 0.1 150 125 3.5 250 TO92 Tony
  6. It will work as parts or a whole amp. Only time will tell. Tony
  7. It made it here in one piece. Thanks Will! Tony
  8. I will report back what I end up doing. Tony
  9. Deal is all worked out. Thanks @Will Meyer. Tony
  10. Just working out the details. Tony
  11. I have a watch setup. I have bought a few more but just ended up fixing them. That would be great! Tony
  12. The custom panel shops work with stock that is already anodized. That make the edges unfinished so I don't think I want to go that way. Tony
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