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  1. Martin and I checked in 3 days ago, up and running...
  2. Ed says the 275's didn't get'er done but I suspect a pair of Cherry 180's would. Of course; a TFM-75 or a Lightstar would suffice. Even my little TFM-25's make em' sing.
  3. You're gonna need a bigger amp
  4. I read about some guy actually submerging a TFM-25 in an ultrasonic water bath to clean it, then dried it out in a low temp oven, and it actually suffered no harm. I wouldn't dare do that myself but it lends encouragement that your amps may survive this if you get them dried about before corrosion takes hold.
  5. The new album "Convergence" by Malia & Boris Blank is getting a lot of spin time at my house. Here's an interview with the artists:
  6. I'm in for 4 tees and a sweatshirt, size XL: Tees: ash, daffodil yellow; maroon, white, Sweatshirt: Charcoal
  7. Welcome Albikes, I won't end with just speakers...too many enablers here! Enjoy the CarverSite 🙂
  8. Don't know if it's new, but it's new to me:
  9. Awesome gear but I get the nagging feeling there's just something missing....
  10. oh yeah... I'm a huge fan. Both her albums are great!
  11. Group: Aging Album: Sentenced to Love Track: Beneath Heaven
  12. That lady is a trip.... here's another of her videos (yes, it's the same woman):
  13. Welcome to the psychosis, Scott :-)
  14. Yup... I have a serious infatuation with miss Glyk
  15. Kinga Glyk Trio full concert in Germany-- It's hard to believe anyone this young can be this good...
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