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  1. My mother's passing this past Sunday really brings it home to me the grief that awaits Tammy and Wayne's family. My heart hurts for them and I pray that peace comes to them. In time, grief will give way to a smile whenever we think of our dear friend Wayne. The first time I saw Wayne (about 7 years ago, I think), he was walking toward our cabin at Carverfest carrying his little beer cooler and he had a great big smile on his face. And of course; I will never forget the night in cabin 9 we blew up Wayne's Carverfest speakers playing Micheal Jackson's Ruby Jean... it was hilarious. This is how I will remember Wayne. I'm so glad he was able to make the trip to Carverfest 2019-- here's a little video of Wayne and friends rocking cabin 9: https://youtu.be/crhKAN6J_qk
  2. Thank you Charlie for taking this on
  3. Thank you, Kevin for taking this on.
  4. Lost another one today: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ginger-baker-cream-drummer-dead
  5. Martin and I live in the mandatory evacuation zone in Savannah -- order to get out was issued at noon today. Martin is has a stop over in Atlanta, leaving in the morning. We won't have the cabin at Carverfest until Thursday but I have to leave Savannah no later than Wednesday morning, or the storm will be in my lap. For us; Carverfest came at exactly the right time.
  6. I think this girl has it. I saw her on a Britain's Got Talent Youtube (below) and then bought her debut album which is really good too. Jazz fans will love this... Enjoy!
  7. Great movie.... and Morissa Tomei is so HOT
  8. Sad news indeed. I'm fortunate to have heard him play on two occasions in Savannah-- and of course; he was fantastic!
  9. I love it when I find a new group.... well; new to me anyhow:
  10. Welcome Signal Man, Just curious about your other gear (I love speakers)... so far you've only mentioned your HK preamp. Post some pics ?
  11. Congrats Brad, That's a beautiful piece of Carver magic. I love the big VU meters. It looks a bit lonely sitting there by itself though-- I think you need another one.... ?
  12. Thanks Greg, it's good to see our site back up!
  13. Happy, happy birthday, my friend!
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