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Managing your profile, account, signature etc.

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It's been said the 'Image is everything".

Managing your profile and personal settings

You can access your account settings by clicking on your name or Avatar at the upper tight hand corner of most screens.


The pull down menu gives you a number of options


Profile is where you can load or change your avatar - It's called Profile Picture in this software BTW.


image.png.35de83d2dba25a29405328d24ad7628b.png  Click on the image button to access the image menu:




"Account Settings" will take you to your personalization options plus more:





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To edit your signature, click on your Display Name in the upper right and go to 'Account'. You have many options for a signature. You can use pictures, links, and even BBcode. Please be considerate of others and don't use anything annoying or obnoxious. Admins and Mods can remove anything they don't feel is appropriate or doesn't conform to forum rules. Most members will have a limit of 1 picture and a total of 6 lines for most members.


Click SAVE to preview your changes or additions.


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