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Inserting photos recap

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There are many options available to insert photos. You can post direct links to other websites, copy and paste, upload as attachment, or even create your own picture galleries.


Attachments take up server space. Once you upload an attachment, it stays on the server, even if the post is deleted. The good thing is, you can re-attach photos you've already uploaded in future posts, so there is no reason to re-upload the same photo over and over again. All this does is use up space on the server unnecessarily, and you end up mouse-clicking more than you need to.


So to avoid uploading duplicate photos, go to the 'Insert other Media' button on the right hand side of the text window.



In the pop-up menu, choose 'Insert existing attachment'. You'll see another menu with every photo you have uploaded. Simply click on the photo you want to insert into your post and you're done!


Each member has 200MB of storage for photos.


If you want to see a complete list of all your attachments, click on your Display Name at the upper right and choose 'My Attachments'.



If you delete an attachment, it disappears from the server and ALL the posts it was inserted to. So be careful!


If you ever have any questions or need help, please contact me or one of the moderators. We are here to help you!






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Resizing photos is super easy now. I highly suggest resizing if you post a lot of photos into a post. Resizing in the editor does not change the resolution of your original attachment image, so if a member clicks on the image in your post, they will see the full resolution.


Anyway, just select the image, move your cursor over the black box in the lower right, then click and drag to resize.




Here's a resized image to try. Click on it to display the full res.


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