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  1. An olde but goodee.... RonW.
  2. Barry's helped me numereous thmis, so congrats Barry....! RonW.
  3. Barry's helped me numereous thmis, so congrats Barry....! RonW.
  4. Roy Benavidez was one BadAss MoFo.... My wife used to work for Avondale Shipyards, they built Navy ships, and they built a Navy Sea Lift in his name. I went to the ship christianing, met his family. It was awesome and he surely deserved to be honored in such a way. I just watched the video again, and wow goosebumps and tears....
  5. RonW.

    M500t - Kudos

    I too have a M500-T MKII and a pair of Cornwall II's. Check out Kick Start My Heart by Motley Creu at about one o'clock and see if you can stay in the same room.... HaHa!
  6. If not to late, "In Please"..... Thanks, RonW.
  7. Thanks, JoeB. is one of my favorites.... RonW.
  8. Cool Karma!!! Well I used to have a bunch of LP's LOL! and no table to spin 'em on, but no LP's now! So not in.... RonW.
  9. Why not, I'm game..... I'll try anything at least once, well maybe! RonW.
  10. Glad everything arrived in one piece! Enjoy.... RonW.
  11. Cool man that's awesome and good luck to everyone! RonW.
  12. C'mon man, hurry up and pick.... Now I need a tube CD player! LOL, just kidding! RonW.
  13. Never met him, but I feel like I know him from reading all of his post! Wish I had the chance to meet this fine gentleman! So Gentleman Jack is in order.... Here's to ya Mr. BillD, RIP! More for backup.... Thanks, RonW.
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