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  1. An olde but goodee.... RonW.
  2. Barry's helped me numereous thmis, so congrats Barry....! RonW.
  3. Barry's helped me numereous thmis, so congrats Barry....! RonW.
  4. Roy Benavidez was one BadAss MoFo.... My wife used to work for Avondale Shipyards, they built Navy ships, and they built a Navy Sea Lift in his name. I went to the ship christianing, met his family. It was awesome and he surely deserved to be honored in such a way. I just watched the video again, and wow goosebumps and tears....
  5. RonW.

    M500t - Kudos

    I too have a M500-T MKII and a pair of Cornwall II's. Check out Kick Start My Heart by Motley Creu at about one o'clock and see if you can stay in the same room.... HaHa!
  6. RonW.

    Cleaning Vinyl....

    I'm sure that the VPI will do a better job, but compared to the price, the Disc Washer does a great job.... RonW.
  7. RonW.

    Cleaning Vinyl....

    I know that technology has changed, but is this still a good way to clean your vinyl: Thanks, RonW.
  8. RonW.

    Favorite Pictures

    Yeah, with white icing..... RonW.
  9. Just waiting for your magic now! RonW.
  10. Carver Stack Cornwall II's Crites XOvers Cables DAC
  11. RonW.

    Favorite Pictures

    That's Bada$$.... RonW.
  12. RonW.

    Favorite Pictures

    Y'all hoangry...... RonW.
  13. Yes, I agree that there were a few that really knew their products back in the day, but most did not know and all the wanted to do is make a sale! This is a true story: I read all the ads on Carver gear and I used to drool over the gear in the local Hi-Fi shop but I never could afford the Carver gear. So I ended up with some Yamaha gear and Marantz speakers. Later on my home was robbed and all my stereo gear was gone..... So my insurance company tell me to go to a local appliance store and not any of the Hi-Fi shops so I was a lil disappointed. So, I'm looking around and not a big selec
  14. LOL, sounds a lot like this one I told 21 days ago. http://thecarversite.com/yetanotherforum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=147961#post147961 Sorry, I didn't see your post I seen a cartoon on faceBook.... RonW
  15. 5hit Corny but funny.... A bear and a rabbit are taking a 5hi7 in the woods.... So the bear asks the rabbit if he has a problem with the 5hi7 sticking to his fur and he says no. So when they are finish, the bear grabs the rabbit and wipes his ass!!! HaHa, guess you had to be there.... RonW.
  16. A bunch of Mötley Crüe songs, notably Kick Start My Heart, Hooligans Holiday and Primal Scream.... Just bought my tickets for the Farewell Tour, after this tour they are done. Watching them now on YouTube, you might not like them but they will kick your ass!! RonW.
  17. Was watching the donkeys get spanked.... A good movie would have been better! RonW.
  18. I've been searching the web for a CD test disc but only found it available on vinyl. If anyone has a CD, I'd be willing to buy a copy. Thanks, RonW.
  19. Welcome Bob, that white one looks like the rack that goes in the dryer, LOL.... RonW.
  20. I just can't imagine the sound, I'd love to hear it! Awesome.... RonW.
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