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  1. Congrats on the promotion John As far as joining the two forums together and having James Sauter [edited] running things here or being any part of this site that is the day I leave here for good. REGARDS SNOW
  2. Thanks for the Karma. Not in. REGARDS SNOW
  3. Thanks for the Karma Bryan and Mark. Not in. REGARDS SNOW
  4. Thanks to both of you Bryan and Mark for doing this. Not in... REGARDS SNOW
  5. There are a list of rules to follow somewhere in here not sure where but I have read them and the reasons for being sandboxed. To the best of my knowledge few here have been sandboxed/banned 5-6?. Rod was not banned nor sandboxed he left of his own accord and asked that all of his posts be removed. None of us wanted to see him go the same for Steve he also left of his own accord and to the best of my knowledge they are both welcome back here. They at this point have not availaled themselves of this opportunity. I cant speak about Gary's situation him being retired it came as a surprise to us all, the last time I spoke with Gary he said in chat he was not interested in coming back and he also wanted all his posts removed so you may be fighting a battle that does not actually exist. At some point I am certain Rich will offer an explanation as to what happened with Gary but at the moment he is gone so we will just have to be patient till he returns. REGARDS SNOW
  6. Welcome back Dok REGARDS SNOW
  7. Not sure how I missed this thread. Welcome back Steve REGARDS SNOW
  8. Martin I do understand your frustration at seeing Rod and Gary gone and I personally would like to see them back also, however to the best of my knowledge Rod left of his own accord the same as Steve Ford did, none of us as much as we wanted to see them stay could talk them into doing so. As far as Gary goes no one seems to know what happened to him being retired and until or less Rich explains what happened we will not know. The voting on a member leaving or being forced out will never happen and truthfully should not happen because as mentioned by Dom and TK it stirs up the crap divides the forum into factions and solves nothing, a lot of times the reasons behind a member getting sandboxed is not public knowledge for good reason and without both parties weighing in we will not get the full story and at times it simply is not a good idea to make it public. I remember when Russ was here and myself and Steve ford both put our jobs as moderator and member on the line in defense of him after he was sandboxed, the end result of this fiasco was that Russ was allowed back as a member then continued to be disruptive until he was eventually banned for good. A lot of people disagreed with this and still do but most of these people have no idea of what went on behind the scenes, and never will and without this information it is impossible to make a fully informed decision. Not 100% sure what posting your comments here in the other forum is about but I doubt it is helping matters. REGARDS SNOW
  9. I agree that it would be nice to have more PM space and I would be willing to pay extra too see this happen if possible, however I do not know if it is available or not but worth a mention to Rich. REGARDS SNOW
  10. Sorry to hear about the missing PM's I think that the best way to ensure that private messages are not gone forever is to copy and paste them into a simple text document on your PC then keep that info stored in your documents, simply because if hackers come in and info is lost no matter if storage is increased it may still be gone. I also personally take it one step further which is to email myself these types of folders so if and when my PC goes tits up that info is not lost forever, this way I can re download that info onto a new PC. REGARDS SNOW
  11. No doubt in my mind he should get the Black Pearl version of it if there is such a thing REGARDS SNOW
  12. Happy Birthday James REGARDS SNOW
  13. Welcome to the forum. Don't feel too bad we cant post here in the novice forum either until it is moderator approved REGARDS SNOW
  14. Welcome to the forum luvtubes. What kind of tube gear ya got? REGARDS SNOW
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