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  1. I’ve spent most of the last 35 years with at least one foot in the audiophile camp. People on the outside all think I’m crazy so I’ve long since given up on trying to explain the ‘logic’ of what I do to people who rarely seem to want to understand. I always think of system building in terms of macro and micro. Putting together a well matched set of speakers, power amp, pre-amp and source components is the macro stage and should (if carefully done) take you 95% of the way to where you want to be. Then there’s the micro phase which is moving speakers around, fiddling with spikes/cones and other isolation components, adding power conditioning, tweaking cables, dinkering with TT setup etc etc. You can do as much or as little of the micro stuff as you want. Some people do nothing, and are content with being 95% of the way to where they want to be. (often oblivious to the possibility that there’s another 5% of performance lurking in their system). Others obsess constantly, trying to wring out that last few percent - often expending a lot of time/energy and money. It doesn’t matter which camp you fall in and you shouldn’t have to explain or justify your actions to outsiders (assuming you’re not selling your children to pay for things). Personally, I spent a lot of time messing with the 5% and I KNOW I could hear changes in my system when I moved things, added cones, changed cables or whatever. They weren’t always positive changes and it was that fact which largely convinced me that I wasn’t dealing with some imaginary psycho-acoustic phenomenon where tweaking my system was resulting in changes which took place only in my head. Of course the more resolving your equipment, the more audible the effects of tweaking become. I always catch a lot of flack when I say this, but sometimes it doesn’t surprise me that people can’t hear the difference between a $5 interconnect and something more exotic, when they’re using the cable in a poorly matched system or with midfi electronics. There, I said it.
  2. I always enjoy Tracy Chapman's debut recording on vinyl - sounds very good. Friday Night in San Francisco is another good one.
  3. I'm curious to learn what you are trying to accomplish with driving all three pairs together. Will this be a surround config for HT or some type of array?
  4. I wouldn't push anyone towards owning vinyl, there are plenty of good sounding formats around which might not match what vinyl can do, but come awfully close and are far more convenient. Some of the best sounding music I listen to comes from digital based formats that are not even supposed to sound good. That aside, I just sold my TT a couple weeks ago and regretted it immediately. I listed it on Audiocircle just to put my toe in the water and see if there was any interest. It sold in a couple days. Someone got a great deal on a $7500 vinyl rig and now I'm left wondering how I'm gonna replace it, and with what. Damn dirty hobby feeds my OCCD and other mental issues I have. One minute I think I'm free then I get drawn right back in...
  5. Nice! Surly? (Pugsley?) Charge Cooker Maxi 2 with a few added bling bits http://www.chargebikes.com/cooker/cooker-maxi-2 They're a lot of fun...
  6. It's awesome that people around here take the time to go out of their way to help others. There's not enough of that left in the world - too busy, too competitive, too self-absorbed, too lazy....there's always an excuse for people not to step up. Kudos to a great bunch of guys.
  7. Awesome looking system(s) and HT room. And congrats on the vinyl....it makes me all giddy whenever I come across someone I haven't met before that has a turntable (or two!) What kind of music are you in to? Welcome along..
  8. I think they should just taser us when we step out of line* Cut out all the sulky drama and moody stuff and just give us a 50,000 volt blast. Knock us to the floor, detach the leads then move on. Or what about pepper spray. Maybe if we behave for a week they could give us the option of pepper spray or taser. [*as long as any residual static didn't play havoc with the turntable]
  9. Look away Ethel. [i know, we've all seen it but it doesn't hurt to see it again )
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