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  1. Audionut vs Audiophile Just a fun thing as 99% of posts are the last tune you played (Shirley Owens). What makes one an audiophile? I am an audionut and aspire to ~~ Does $$ spent on gear make one an audiophile. I think not, but if so, I am one. Does some time spent as an audio Pujari get one into the circle. I tried that. Is it about IQ or education? What makes one an audiophile? Is love of the term enough? Almost everyone loves music.
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    How do I upgrade my avatar. I guess I did it once, but Alzheimer's is what it is. Thanks Bill
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    Carver Throws

    You sent me the first one free maybe because of TN Rabbitt? It is great, and all should acquire one if they can. I am all in for another one. As a side note, I am not just a TIGER fan, but one since the age of 12. It is an all year deal for me, now recruiting has my full attention. I even moved here when I retired to be back home near my Tigers. Last month I was in line at Senaca Lowes buying some boards and Danny Ford came in wearing old farm clothes and a ragged Clemson hat. No one even knew who he was.
  4. I have no kids. Maybe I have a few friends, but none who are into stereo. I live a hermit's life (YEA). Most back in my part of the woods are intelligent snowbirds who left the north for when they could. Life is good here. I have tried to be impressed over their gear and tried to invite myself back for music and beer. That has not worked. I am sincere. Good beer, good tunes, and even marginal gear make me quiver. No takers as all they do is TV. I like TV, but also other things. Only you guys could "hear" my gear. The last to visit was TnRabbit, and while my RedNeck Bar system was deemed excellent, my porch system was shallow in the mids -> now corrected. My life is good, and I worked hard for years to get here.
  5. My Carver Gear: I am over 70 and decided to make a list for those who will sell my crap off after I am dead. They will have no idea that it is priceless. Bob Carver crap is not crap. ------------------------ 3- CarverFest amps assembled professionally by Mike. These use standard 12AX7B tubes, not the 6 of others. I suspect the only other Carverfest amps of this quality are rare. These are nice sounding amps and also play strong. I use 2 as mono blocks, the 3rd is being wasted in my closet, sold the 4th to Snoop65. Mine are pulling Defteck speakers that retailed for $4K with no problem. https://www.musicdirect.com/power-amp/bob-carver-vta20s-black-magic-tube-amplifier 2- M-400t - These are the cubes tuned by Bob for more of a tube sound. They are 200X2 and sound about as good as any amp I have heard. Mine have not been hooked up anywhere for some time. These are all anyone could want as to power and sound. 1- Sunfire 300X2 - maybe the best buy ever for a top end stereo. This one powers large McIntosh Speakers at my TV and the sound is very good. 1- Sunfire 200X5 - excellent amp. Mine powers the second system in my RedNeck Bar with ease.- 1- Carver AV 505 - In the closet, but the sound of this is as good as anything I ever heard. I think it is 5X85. 1- Carver AV-705x - The amp I use most. That is because it powers my CatBird system which I play tunes from on most days. Right now it is 31 degress, and I am on the porch with it - nice! This is a lot like the one above - 125X5. 2- Sunfire 600X2 - I use these as monoblocks to deliver 2400watts to "each" of the large McIntosh speakers in my RedNeck Bar. These speakeres require lots of power to open up, and these Sunfire can deliver. The sound is best described as "everywhere". 1- Carver CT-6 PreAmp- Nice amp with a decent phono amp and Bob's Holography. This should make anyone doing stereo very happy. 1- CT-17 PreAmp- Originally got this because it had a remote. It is still in use at my TV. I can see no reason why I would ever replace it. 2- Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Control Center - Is this the best thing Bob ever designed? I don't know, but it is beyond my needs. Sadly one sits in the closet. 2- SunFire CRS-3 Trio Speakers - Mounted on my porch alongside some Gallo AV. These are beautiful and sound great. I got them because TNRabbit told me to. He was right. Still, the Gallo for about the same price are better in every way. Together out here paired with a large subwoofer, they form a force I can discover no way to improve on given my small space. 1- Carver Sub - Mine is 12" and strange. Several years back upgraded the woofer with a JBL, not much improvement. I may have left things out as my septuagenarian brain is what it is. My legs are still OK - http://billpeay.com
  6. I really like that Van post up above. The guy has no real talent except timing. I have all his stuff.
  7. Too late I guess, but I have an extra SunFire Pre - no remote and no phono board.
  8. I have LPs from back when they were popular. As to sound, the deal is a great record cleaner. Can records be pressed better than before? Is 180 gram a selling point? I believe LPs can be better made now but are they - I think not. It is likely I have collected more that move me than you as I am old. My collection is not flea market grab bag. LPs are on the rise but remain a smaller part of the market. Is the LP sound better than digital or is it just a gear thing? Is that important? I been playing records too long to stop now.
  9. On the porch with Brain Bromberg and Urquell today watching my birds and my mind has turned yet again to auido. My thought son it change all the time, often depending on how cold the beer is. I remember my "beer snob" days when I never drank really cold beer because experts said it killed the flavor. Maybe, but now I am secure enough to drink beer the way I like it best -> very cold. ~~~~~~~~~ Audiophiles and people who consider themselves audiophiles claim dramatic difference in the sound of a tune when they change any component. 99% of the time if they paid $$, they claim improvement. They use the other 1% to show they are indeed an audiophile and not biased. Even small things like different wires and tubes are claimed to do wonders for a system. If you want to feel like an audiophile you can achieve that by just changing the wall cord and claiming the sound is to now "to die for". I am just an audionut and a "cold" beer drinker, so in a blind test, I often don't hear the difference, and if I do, is it a better? No matter, because if in a blind test 60% choose one over another after consentrated listening, is it a big deal? Swapping carts and tubes and wires and small things can break the audio bank and if in a blind test audiophiles cannot agree then - then WTF? I may have worded that wrong as very, very few "audiophiles" will sit in a blind test where credibility is at risk and now have developed endless reasons not to with help from the internet. In my opinion the best deal is to assemble the best quality "neutral" sounding system you can afford. That is not easy but with help from people here and other research, it can be done on many $$ levels. The main parts are player, amplifier, and speakers. You must have those. Spend your money there. Everything else in the system like preamps should be added with care and research as they can drag down the system. A neutral audio system is not the choice of all. It is not the choice of any audiophiles I know. "Neutral" would be the tune sounding just as it did to the person mixing it. No one hears that as systems are different. Even the same system at my house will sound different at yours. Who is to say the mixer got it right anyway? A case in point is the Beatles' 'LET IT BE". After several rejected remix attempts, Phil Spector was brought on board and the album has now sold a gazillion copies. In 2003 Paul McCartney remixed it. I have both and cannot say I prefer one over the other. I believe we could agree both these guys know more about music than do I (and maybe you?). The point is that unless you are at a live acoustic event, you hear a mix of what someone believes you will like. To that end, why can we not tweak it some ourselves? We do whether we want to or not as a CD will not sound the same in our car as in our house or through earbuds hooked to an ipod. Back to our original goal of a "neutral system" -> yep, that is not possible. It might not even be desirable, but I believe it is the goal to go for before we begin to tweak/personalize. The biggest tweak is speakers and then matching the proper amp. Once you have that, players are a big deal ( CD player, Turntable, Computer, etc). Players are a big deal and in most cases we want them to reproduce the infomation on the medium in a neutral or pure way. No one seems happy with a neutral system. Audiophiles (and even audionuts) soon want to tweak it. My first car was a 1963 VW Beetle, and one of the fun things was the incredible amount of aftermarket easy tweaks for sale to make it "yours" and make you feel special and part of it. Today in audio that seems to be the easy tweaks of wires, tubes, etc. I believe that other than making one feel special, they add little value to sound over soild (and less expensive) gear. If an item like this really does change the sound "dramatically", the drama is in your head or it is crap messing up your "neutral" system. One will claim the change good as they just layed out $$$, but ??? The best way to change sound is to experiment with speakers and amps and players. Once you get that together, if you want to mess with the sound (we all do) then look into Equalizers. They were a big deal before most reading this were born. I had one in the late 60s that had a ten foot spring for vibration. (I have been an audionut for a long time). An Equalizer can do more than any wires or tubes or etc. It can alter good speakers and amps to a huge degree. Is that a good thing? It can be fun. My friend TNRabbit said that if your Equalizer Graph is a smiley face - you have it wrong. Many things have Equalizer in some form. Bob Carver added them on many of his things. A tone control or his famous Sonic Holography are examples. Way back "when" all of us had a separate Equalizer in the rack if for no reason other than seeing the music dance. You don't see them much now, but if you want to mess with tunes - get one. If the person mixing the album can do it - why not you? If you are a "file" player, there are incredible options in software. In my opinion no digital file player on the market can compete with a well set up computer as they can't keep up. Those things are just computers and not as easy to change and update. Here are some free Equalizers for computer. https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/pc-equalizer/ I use Isotope Ozone on my computer and have for years. If you think a NOS tube or $$$ interconnect can change things, this will blow your mind as to the endless possibilities.
  10. That is a reference album. Over the years have it on different formats. They all sound good, but that is true of many albums we have heard many times.
  11. Post counts are fun and I like them. Sometimes a guy with 10 posts is more up to speed on a given topic than one with a million. Having many posts does not make one smarter or his post more relevant, just means he posts more (which is needed and desired on a forum). I hope in time to be up there where I can read all. I actually am kinda dumb, but don't hang that label on every guy with few posts.
  12. Sorry if this is a double post - My LPs are old. I could dig them out, but mostly I play files. I think I have all the PINK on LP. The covers are worth the price. I consider that top art. I have a few "covers" some by orchestras that are great as was the music.
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