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  1. very nice karma! Not in
  2. Awesome karma! In please at 89 (my dad just turned 89)
  3. I just saw this. So very sorry. My heart sank when I saw that picture. A sincere prayer goes out to you Greg.
  4. Nice system. Nice to see another vinyl lover!
  5. For what it's worth, I have played with a Yaqin and Greg's cigar box tube buffer. Not even close. Greg's tube buffer crushes the Yaqin. I have found the biggest benefit in vinyl. I have it in my tape loop so I can engage or bypass at will. I love it and would never be without it. Thanks Greg!
  6. Great Karma!!! Outstanding generosity!!! I would love to be in but I dont have a spot for it. I really need to thin the herd as it is. I look forward to seeing who wins. Good luck everyone, I'm out.
  7. I picked up a Kirmuss ultrasonic record cleaning/reconditioning machine a few months back. I have been using the VPI vacuum for years. The Kirmuss process is significantly better. I was shocked at how much crap was on my records. Some of the worst records I had were cleaned multiple time by the VPI machine. Results: Some records I don't hear any difference but at least half it makes a big difference and for some its profound. Very happy with this process. The process is a bit slow and has multiple steps but it's worth it. Plus for ultrasonic machines, i
  8. Love the "Black Stacks!"
  9. I would love an ultrasonic machine but I don't want to spend the money. I use the VPI HW 16.5 and it does a wonderful job. For those garage sale albums that it won't completely clean, I use wood glue. It does a deep cleaning and it's fun if you have the time. plus I love peeling off the dried glue. It's like peeling dead skin from a sun burn.
  10. YEA! Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated! You have no idea how bad I suck with desoldering. I really struggle with it so I am so excited to get this tool. BTW I really suck soldering too.
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