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  1. I picked up a Kirmuss ultrasonic record cleaning/reconditioning machine a few months back. I have been using the VPI vacuum for years. The Kirmuss process is significantly better. I was shocked at how much crap was on my records. Some of the worst records I had were cleaned multiple time by the VPI machine. Results: Some records I don't hear any difference but at least half it makes a big difference and for some its profound. Very happy with this process. The process is a bit slow and has multiple steps but it's worth it. Plus for ultrasonic machines, its reasonably priced.
  2. These beautiful ALS Original speakers are back up for sale.
  3. Last offer I'm reducing the price to $1100.
  4. These are in Charleston IL, about 1 1/2 hours from Indi or St Louis, 3 hours south of Chicago and 4 1/2 north of Nashville. $1700 or Better Offer I'm lowering the price to $1500
  5. These are in Charleston IL, about 1 1/2 hours from Indi or St Louis, 3 hours south of Chicago and 4 1/2 north of Nashville. $1700 or Better Offer
  6. I should have posted these here instead of the old thread. Set of Carverfest speakers for sale. ALS originals with 2 30" ribbons. NEW BAFFLES laser cut from original baffles and painted to match tubes amps NEW SPEAKERS JACKS Cardas ALL 4 RIBBONS REBUILT by Sea REWIRED with Cardas Litz wire A FEW OF THE WOOFERS HAVE BEEN REPLACED. I purchased 6 woofers from someone on the site sorry dont remember who but I have 2 extra They play bass heavy. It was suggested that I add some resistance to the woofer crossover but I thought to be over my head. I did pair them with a set of Carverfest speakers which sounded awesome. I have over $2500 into these and I don't have a plan to ever use them. It was a fun project to save these from the dump but I need to free up some space, as you know they are very large. If interested, PM me and make me an offer. I cant ship these guys so pick up only. Quote Edit
  7. I would love an ultrasonic machine but I don't want to spend the money. I use the VPI HW 16.5 and it does a wonderful job. For those garage sale albums that it won't completely clean, I use wood glue. It does a deep cleaning and it's fun if you have the time. plus I love peeling off the dried glue. It's like peeling dead skin from a sun burn.
  8. Does anyone know if I could use this to replace the crossovers for my Amazings. These are the Amazing originals that I rebuild and the woofer volume needs to be tweaked with the ribbons.
  9. YEA! Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated! You have no idea how bad I suck with desoldering. I really struggle with it so I am so excited to get this tool. BTW I really suck soldering too.
  10. Awesome Karma! Congrats HewLew
  11. Same, in please and will karma duplicates. Awesomeness Karma
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