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  1. Welcome aboard Ed!!! Glad to see you found us here. We're all addicted to Carver gear here too and really enjoy pics of the gear everyone has collected. So kick back, crank up some tunes, and stay awhile.
  2. That is exactly who they are and where they were performing. Love K.D. Lang's "Constant Craving" from much later on.
  3. Now, just imagine the court proceedings on indecent exposure! As the defendant tells the judge. "Your honor, respectfully, I actually do have clothes on." "Just point your phone's camera at me and take a look for yourself!" 😂
  4. Happy Birthday Rob! Hope you have a blast!
  5. Wow! You will only be able to wear it in cyberspace selfies. Yikes! I don't want to know...
  6. The sound to me was very similar to the end of a thunder clap. That rumbling sound of thunder.
  7. @dcl We experienced an earthquake here in Magna, just 5 miles or so west of Salt Lake City back on March 18th that measured 5.8. My house is located 13.85 miles from the epicenter and I was in the shower when it hit and could have sworn a freight train had hit my house. I had to brace my self on the walls of the shower facing to the north & south. The shake was very abrupt in the north-south direction in my house. I had the bathroom window open and could hear a loud, very low frequency rumble type noise outside a few seconds after the shaking had started. Fortunately it only lasted about twenty seconds. But it really shook me up. I'd never experienced quite such a severe shaking. Then we had more than 1,000 aftershocks since the big one in March. I found that I could only detect an aftershock of greater than right around 2.0, since I followed the seismic activity sites for several weeks after the big one. I'd feel the couch or chairs gently sway and run up to check the seismic sites to verify.
  8. Nice shot of Michelle Phillips of Mama's & the Papa's fame.
  9. I had a neighbor with a Mastiff named Max. He was over 240 pounds too and enormous. But Jack left Max out in the front yard while he was out working around in his yard there across the street from my place and it absolutely floored me how Max would never leave his yard unless Jack came over to talk to me. Then Max was right there by his side. Fantastic dogs no doubt about it. Always enjoyed seeing Max patrolling his yard when we lived there. This was about 30 years or so ago. But I will never forget max. He was just amazing.
  10. Same here. When I was about 12 we had a Dachshund black with little brown feet and her name was cuddles. My wife on the other hand convinced me that the bigger they were, the sweeter they are. And you know what? She was right.
  11. My Black Lab, Shadow, is my best buddy and I've never had so much fun with a dog as I've had with him. Boundless energy, sharp as a tack and wears me out every day with his play time. It's going to kill me to lose him since he's 12 years old now and even though he is healthy as can be and still acts like a puppy, I know that dreadful day is coming all too quickly. But, there will be another Lab in my life no doubt about it. They are something else.
  12. Happy Birthday David!!!
  13. Careful on using ammonia. I've seen it bleach out anodized hardware before and you may not notice it until you place a new, to you, piece that hasn't been cleaned with ammonia next to an old one that has. Particularly on black faceplates, they will begin to look purple. I use something called Nevr-Dull on anodized things. I use it mainly on restoring my old muscle car parts. But I found it works equally well on this old Carver gear too. It's sort of a treated wadding and works great for this type of cleaning. Oh, and it won't harm the finish or color at all.
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