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  1. Kev, A V-10 in a Prius! He just means 0 - death in 1.9 seconds.
  2. Infinity RS-IIIb & Carver Amazing Silver Edition
  3. Congrats @jeffs! Thanks Charlie, wonderful Karma!
  4. Awesome Karma Charlie, thank you! I have that exact model already, so I'll sit this one out.
  5. Ouch! Hope you're alright.
  6. Happy Birthday @avguytx!!! Hope you have a great one.
  7. Pat, I never use tone controls on my C-1, I always leave the tone switch in the out(disabled) position. And when my daughter turns them on(She loves the bass) I can instantly tell because the bass loosens up on my music so I immediately turn it off. Try turning off the tone controls if you suspect there is a problem in that circuit. Just thinking out loud.
  8. What a huge loss, Eddie was one of my favorite guitarists too. I can't believe he's gone already. Cancer claims far too many.
  9. Happy Birthday Charlie!!! May the force be with you! And have a wonderful day.
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