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  1. Welcome to TheCarveSite @corkdust! I'll second that, a very nice collection of gear!
  2. Sure thing! Mine is about 10 years old but is basically the same as the one in the following link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G6VTIDG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Welcome aboard @DaveyDick. I power mine down after I"m done with them. I have mine setup to power off when the TV goes off. There's a sense relay that opens, I set the TV as master and I've slaved my Roku, WDTV Hub, Onkyo AV, C-1 and M-1.5t to it. It's a slick way to completely shut it all down since the M-1.5t has no power switch. I only hear a slight barely audible tick at power off. There's no noise at all on power up.
  4. You nailed my second favorite brand of Gin.
  5. Thanks Bro! Happened to look in at just the right time, and knew exactly who they were.
  6. Beethoven's 7th Symphony second movement Thanks to the BobFather, I've discovered that I absolutely love classical music, and in particular Beethoven. His 9th symphony is my all time favorite piece of music. However, his 7th symphony is gaining ground in popularity with me. And in particular the (Symphony No.7 in A Major Op.92 - Allegretto) 7th Symphony second movement. Without further adieu, one of my favorite passages:
  7. Rob, Yeah, I have had Crown blended too. But, boy does their Northern Harvest Rye taste good to my taste buds! I just love the flavor of their rye. It rocks.
  8. I really enjoy gin too. My fave is below: But lately I prefer rye whisky and my fave is there below:
  9. That's a nice shot of Heart circa 1975.
  10. Eric Clapton - Layla It's blowin' me outta here; and I love it! 😁
  11. I've caught a few of them in the garage and put them in a jar. You can't miss that red hourglass shape on their abdomen, kinda creepy. I just wanted to show my son what they look like and to be sure and not mess around with them. They hurt.
  12. We don't have the Brown Recluse out here in Utah, thankfully. But I was surprised how small the Black Widow is in real life. They're actually not very big.
  13. I've been bitten by a black widow about 27 years ago. She was hanging out in the cord of wood I had stacked out back for the fireplace. I made the mistake of digging down a bit to get to the dry pieces and she was down in there and bit me on my left forearm. Hurt like the devil and I thought for sure I jabbed myself with a long splinter. Then saw her drop off one of the pieces in my right hand. They're pretty common out here in Utah and I find them out in the garage at least once in awhile. Wasn't bad really though, just got a small red bump on the forearm and had some muscle soreness for a few days is all. No biggie.
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