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    Fuel prices

    Crap! We have the worst gas in the world(Due to high altitudes here) with regular here only 85 octane and the best gas anywhere is only 91 octane. Yet we still pay $2.39 a gallon at the pump in the cheapest stations around my area.
  2. Happy Birthday @fxbill!!!
  3. @Daddyjt Nice! Been a subscriber for years here, but nice to hear they've extended the trial period out to three months for folks to give it a whirl.
  4. Happy Birthday @John Smallwood!!! Hope it is a wonderful one too!
  5. Yikes! I've been there recently. Where are all the cars? Turbo
  6. We rest on the Wasatch Fault line here in Utah. So we do get some seismic activity here too. But it's usually low enough that I don't even notice it. But 5.7 was enough to get my attention and worry about cracks in the walls in and outside of the house. Fortunately my house didn't crack anywhere that I can see. But it was strong enough that it knocked the Angel Moroni's Horn out of his hand on the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Angel Moroni before the quake: Angel Moroni after the quake: Turbo
  7. I feel your pain Brutha! I don't brave the stores anymore. My teenage daughter keeps me informed with all the latest sumo wrestling contests nationwide via her cell phone. They're all out of ammo everywhere here in Utah! It's scary out there! Be careful and wary.
  8. So glad to hear my friend, it's real, now get your butt back here and lets get together once this insanity is over. Regards, Dave @BarryG, Logan is 70+ miles North of the epicenter. So they should be in good shape up there. But boy, it sure was a wake-up call for me here in West Bountiful. Dave
  9. You betcha @Sk1Bum! I haven't heard anything back from @Daddyjt. I sure hope all is well with him and his... Turbo
  10. Saweet! In with 16 please. And what an incredible Karma!
  11. Thanks @Charlie! I've got the M-1.5t cranked up to J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor at the moment! Sounds splendid too! Turbo
  12. Thanks @Dadvw! I hope @Daddyjtchimes in on this. I think he's located right at the epicenter of this one. Turbo
  13. We were awakened by the worst earthquake I've ever experienced here in the Salt Lake valley this morning at approximately 07:09 AM. It shook the house hard, but fortunately this was more of a jelly bowl like wave type of shaking and we sustained no visible damage here at my house. It was a very high displacement movement type of shake so I did run out into the garage to make certain my 70 GTO didn't get moved into the walls. It was moved only slightly, about an inch, in the Southward direction and didn't hit anything thank goodness. I am located in West Bountiful about 10 miles away from the epicenter of the temblor that was located in Magna. I believe @Daddyjtis located out in Magna and I hope he and his are all okay out there. But my family and I are all in good shape here and preparing for the aftershocks of which we've had more than 33 as of this writing on 03/18/2020 11:12AM. Your fellow Carverite, Turbo
  14. Happy Birthday @The Raven !!!
  15. This is a bad picture, but representative of what I usually find when my 70 GTO starts to break up on the top end of the rev range. The center electrode is worn away while the side elctrode is just fine. The opposite of your picture there @Dadvw. I only saw side electrode damage on my plugs like that when I pushed boost over 30 psi and the mixture leaned out slightly.
  16. It amazes me how durable those Iridium spark plugs are nowadays. I changed out the Iridium plugs in my 04 Supercharged GTP about 4 years ago and they had over 100,000 miles on them. They didn't look nearly as worn as yours there above though at 200k. Still amazing technology improvement. My old 70 GTO eats plugs up in less than 10,000 miles running those old iron Ram Air heads at nearly 13:1 compression just burns the old Champion plugs up in no time.
  17. Happy Birthday Itch!!! 🎂
  18. Happy Birthday Ed!!!
  19. So sorry to hear of Wayne's passing. He will be dearly missed.
  20. Happy Birthday @Sk1Bum!!!
  21. Very sad news indeed. 😞 He shared pictures of his 70 Judge with me early on after I joined here a few years ago and there's not many of us 70' goat owners around any more. Such sad news... Our prayers go out for Wayne and his family.
  22. Nice! In with 27.
  23. Happy Birthday @Rockster2U!!! Hope it's a great one!
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