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  1. A couple of things I can do. 1) drop check into mail to you house. ( oldtimie solution) 2) setup cash pickup at a walmart near you. 3) get a certified check sent to you in mail.
  2. I shut down my paypal due to politics any suggestions for transfer? My bank supports zelle? Tried but failed with zelle I need to call them tomorrow
  3. Hey all why don't we help a brother out with bills, perhaps a site collectiion or should we start a gofund me. Anybody have experiance with this stuff?
  4. Keep up the fight Barry you have all the Carver site pulling for you!
  5. Wow all illness and death in my family is what paused my paticipation. Care less about the political stuff although I admit to some belly laughs on some posts. Politics or no dont really care this site will allways be my home. Now if I can just figure out how the previous owner of a sunfire sub eq blew the crap out of the pre-amp, life would be good. Surface mount IC's suck.
  6. Oh man I hope she is well I have been away for a bit. Jen and Greg you are in my prayers. Keep the faith! My brothers been stricken with long covid. His Immune system is attacking his body now. He's lost a ton of weight. Playing with viruses is a crime.
  7. I switched to a stanby generac run on natural gas 11kw installed it myself. I also had a Duromax portable duel fuel I ran it on propane and back fed 240 from garage at the time it was 350$$ for a 4kw electric start. Trust me in the cold MI winters its a pain to pull start but the propane setup was easier to start. The Duromax was lot quieter than my first generator and my brother still has it now and still runs great. Propane doesn't gum up the carb like gas when it sits.
  8. I enjoy when he plays a single track of the music shows how it was built. Like to know how he gets the pro tools master.
  9. Hmm have to try ortofon I tried rega carbon and liked it. My B&O MMC2 is really getting to pricey to replace, and old.
  10. Don't know what to say just know the whole carversite is in your corner. Prayers for your health
  11. I really think you should take a step back from me.
  12. Yes all of it. C1,m400t,Tx2 tuner oh and M240 car amp too. All recapped and fully operational
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