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  1. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Nah no side car dog doesn't like bike lol
  2. Retriever

    My daily commute

    On windshield lol. I thought about riding the covid wasteland in a plague dr outfit..
  3. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Here is my summer morning work ride attire
  4. Omg pandemic,locust in africa, and now asteroids. 2020 sure sucks lol
  5. This is why the "experts" say it would take so long recover from a carrington event or massive emp. Building and installing new transformers.
  6. So sorry to hear this, Wayne (Kingman) was the one who directed me to this site after I posted on CarverAudio. May his journey forward be blessed.
  7. Good grief is right here's to a healthy new year for all. Wayne,Dan get better
  8. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, may you have a wonderful celebration with lots of Carver powered music lol.
  9. Best of luck Wayne. Debated posting this I was taken to U of M from work on the 11 th for Heart Attack. Had stint proceedure for blocked artery doin fine but tired as crap.
  10. Ok Ill pick 5 lol Very nice Karma!
  11. I use foobar on my s10 for playing flac files. Used it for years on my pc!
  12. https://youtu.be/Bx-IaLkpncU Wow super bling
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