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  1. Sooo why does mine keep rewiring for arsehole mode, or so they tell me..
  2. Yes all of it. C1,m400t,Tx2 tuner oh and M240 car amp too. All recapped and fully operational
  3. So far the Aukey model is pretty good but I'm getting memory foam ear pieces like my old wired headphones that feel more comfortable. Actually wish I could get the Senhieser BT noise canceling headphones to fit under helmet. I guess I should just bite the bullet and get the air pod pros. It would be easier to justify if they said Carver on them..
  4. A friend swears by his when he rides his harley. Me being somewhat frugal bought Aukey knock offs ( Amazon). Thier pretty darn good when I shut the helmet visor and ride. What say you are Wireless noise canceling airpod pros worth the price? I heard after 2 years the batteries are dead and wont recharge ( fake news?)
  5. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Nah no side car dog doesn't like bike lol
  6. Retriever

    My daily commute

    On windshield lol. I thought about riding the covid wasteland in a plague dr outfit..
  7. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Here is my summer morning work ride attire
  8. Omg pandemic,locust in africa, and now asteroids. 2020 sure sucks lol
  9. This is why the "experts" say it would take so long recover from a carrington event or massive emp. Building and installing new transformers.
  10. So sorry to hear this, Wayne (Kingman) was the one who directed me to this site after I posted on CarverAudio. May his journey forward be blessed.
  11. Good grief is right here's to a healthy new year for all. Wayne,Dan get better
  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, may you have a wonderful celebration with lots of Carver powered music lol.
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