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  1. I saw HiFi Sales come up in a Google search and they aren't too far from me. It seems like most of the places that show up appear to be in North Jersey or New York so I might have to take a trip.
  2. 'I just recently moved to NJ and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for good hi-fi stores - preferably in the NY-NJ-CT area? I'd like to find a couple that have a good selection of speakers that I can go listen to. I'm not interested in the "audiophile" stores that aren't interested in your business unless you're buying $5000 cables. Also wanted to know if there are any members doing repairs/mods in my area? Thanks guys.
  3. Joshua Valour - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx9bOYEjkevIDYONBAstK-A
  4. Got one. Thanks guys!
  5. I'm interested in buying a Carver throw blanket if anyone has one to sell. I'd like to give it to someone as a gift. Thanks!
  6. I've been gaming my entire life on one sort of PC or another, but not much console. Right now I'm pretty into Destiny 2.
  7. I thought I preferred the blue meter lights with the black face plate on the M500s, but the cool white is looking kinda good too. Decisions...decisions...
  8. This. I don't expect them to ring the bell and wait to hand me the package old-time style, but how hard is it to just hit the button and go?
  9. Probably most recordings pre (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
  10. I'm in with 36. Thanks.
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