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  1. I really think you should take a step back from me.
  2. Yes all of it. C1,m400t,Tx2 tuner oh and M240 car amp too. All recapped and fully operational
  3. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Nah no side car dog doesn't like bike lol
  4. Retriever

    My daily commute

    On windshield lol. I thought about riding the covid wasteland in a plague dr outfit..
  5. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Here is my summer morning work ride attire
  6. So sorry to hear this, Wayne (Kingman) was the one who directed me to this site after I posted on CarverAudio. May his journey forward be blessed.
  7. Good grief is right here's to a healthy new year for all. Wayne,Dan get better
  8. Best of luck Wayne. Debated posting this I was taken to U of M from work on the 11 th for Heart Attack. Had stint proceedure for blocked artery doin fine but tired as crap.
  9. Do you need an infusion of capital?
  10. Ok so heres a puppy to model for an awe shucks reaction
  11. No cover here buy them! With the help of the experts here you'll get them up and running. I started with my original m400t bought new. Moved to 1.5t then to M500tMk2 then added Tfm45. All rebuilt aquired another m400t, 1.5t along the way. Couple of sunfire subs too. Enjoy and welcome to the site!!
  12. Welcome Prism I love both amps M500t MK2 and my TFM 45 for sheer man handling of my speakers. You've come to the right place! Kickback post some stuff and have fun. Very freindly people on this site!
  13. Welcome to the site Turbo. Lots of good resources in here for carver gear. You've come to tge right place!
  14. We still enjoy pictures of any setup. Modest or not! What makes it special is its yours. Were audio buffs and its not a competition!
  15. Ohh the fun is just beginning. Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder. Welcome to the site. I started with my m400t rebuild 1 amp Did a second one, rebuilt a couple of m1.5ts bought and I upgraded a M500t to a MKII (really sweet sounding) now on my TFM45 rebuild. 6 amps and I have a mild case. Some guys here are over the top.. Have fun!
  16. Reminds me of back in the day when I had pringles can speakers in my fort boy I tell ya that was some serious audio
  17. TNrabbit was the first one to greet me on the other site and point me in right direction.
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