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  1. I enjoy when he plays a single track of the music shows how it was built. Like to know how he gets the pro tools master.
  2. Hmm have to try ortofon I tried rega carbon and liked it. My B&O MMC2 is really getting to pricey to replace, and old.
  3. Don't know what to say just know the whole carversite is in your corner. Prayers for your health
  4. I really think you should take a step back from me.
  5. Yes all of it. C1,m400t,Tx2 tuner oh and M240 car amp too. All recapped and fully operational
  6. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Nah no side car dog doesn't like bike lol
  7. Retriever

    My daily commute

    On windshield lol. I thought about riding the covid wasteland in a plague dr outfit..
  8. Retriever

    My daily commute

    Here is my summer morning work ride attire
  9. So sorry to hear this, Wayne (Kingman) was the one who directed me to this site after I posted on CarverAudio. May his journey forward be blessed.
  10. Good grief is right here's to a healthy new year for all. Wayne,Dan get better
  11. Best of luck Wayne. Debated posting this I was taken to U of M from work on the 11 th for Heart Attack. Had stint proceedure for blocked artery doin fine but tired as crap.
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