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  1. Hey guys congrats on aging!!! Hope ya had amazing days!!
  2. Thoughts and prayers to France and all the victims and their families, such a tragedy. Hopefully one day we can truly all live in peace and harmony.
  3. Congrats Robert!! Nice karma Mark!! And hey Friday is my Monday /Thursday so why not Wednesday too?
  4. RIP Gary you will be missed and always remembered .
  5. Glad you're feeling better calve just remember nobody really knows your body like you do I'm with the others if you continue to have issues seek out another doctor someone you feel comfortable with a G.I. doctor is probably the way to go at this point take care keep us posted
  6. Congrats!! She is precious .
  7. What a freak accident, thoughts and prayers go out to his family .
  8. In reading all reports it is amazing that no one was hurt with all the power poles and trees that were upended/uprooted. It is amazing what we all take for granted on a daily basis and it can all change in a blink.
  9. Congrats James!! Nice Karma Wayne?
  10. Wayne excellent karma!!! Not in but good luck to all that are?
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