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  1. 4krow, I picked up a 15A variac at a ham fest about a year back. Now that thing is a beast! Rob, I sent you a PM. BillWojo
  2. Reminds me to much of the cheap Fisher "Studio Standards" with the gaudy colors. Now the Marantz receivers do look nice. BillWojo
  3. Nice Karma, He's going to be real happy with that. When I was younger I invested heavily in Canon gear, FI with big motor drive, several lenses, etc. Should have gone Nikon, at least it's easy to adapt the lenses to a digital camera. Who knew.......Photography sure has changed. I can remember shooting all the B&W I wanted, I developed it in my bathroom. Color? That was expensive, didn't use that film much. Carefully framed every shot. BillWojo
  4. Figures Rod would pick 69! I'm in at 44 BillWojo
  5. And folks wonder why they can't find Carver gear in NJ............... BillWojo
  6. Kevin, those amps do suck some power! They would make my lights flicker when cranked up and need to be turned on one at a time or they would trip the circuit breaker. Takes a lot to charge up the caps when switched on. With 4 of those amps I'm kinda glad he lives a good half hour a way from me, pretty sure were on a different power grid. LOL. Hey Barry, those might be nice Altec's but they are rather pricey. Also keep an eye out for HeathKit AS101's, Valencias in a nicer cabinet, same driver load and cabinet volume. BillWojo
  7. Congrats Kevin, now you have an excuse for being on the computer all day!
  8. That Wiki read was pretty funny. I lone the fact that GE included a version of it in the GE handbook. Can you imagine an engineer looking for some specs and opening up to that page. Thanks for the laughs. BillWojo
  9. That guy is clearly out of the automotive industry and is now writing add copy for the various high end cable manufactures. I see the same gibberish in all of the expensive cable adds. Baffle them with bullshit and the gullible will buy it. BillWojo
  10. B-Man, nuclear explosions terrify me. It's not like when they take a building down, you could be in the next zip code and still be a victim. I guess it's from being in elementary school and all the drills we went through in case of the big bomb. Still that video is a big reminder of the destructive force they unlease. About 5 or 6 seconds after the blast the shock wave hits the camera man. BillWojo
  11. Sure looked like a nuclear explosion to me and a few seconds later the video camera shakes from the shock wave. As usual, Putin is in cover up mode. And only 7 people died? BillWojo
  12. Hey Kevin, that picture reminds me of a road trip we went on, just replace the motorcycles with cars. BillWojo
  13. I'll always remember walking into a new customers shop and meeting the owner. He must have just gotten back from court. He told me that if I ever need to go to court than hire the best lawyer around, keeps the opposing party from hiring them. Whatever it was, he was happy. Years later I heeded his advise. That was for my divorce. BillWojo
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