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  1. RodH beat me to it. Kevin has a great collection of SoundStream gear. Might even have what your looking for. BillWojo
  2. Go for it Kevin! Always wanted to hear CJ's top shelf stuff. Even if Kevin sold off all of that gear, he would manage to replace it piece by piece over a few year period. Seems every good Carver deal vanishes as soon as it's posted in the South Jersey /Philly area. You know anything about that Kev? BillWojo
  3. Reminds me to much of the cheap Fisher "Studio Standards" with the gaudy colors. Now the Marantz receivers do look nice. BillWojo
  4. And folks wonder why they can't find Carver gear in NJ............... BillWojo
  5. Kevin, those amps do suck some power! They would make my lights flicker when cranked up and need to be turned on one at a time or they would trip the circuit breaker. Takes a lot to charge up the caps when switched on. With 4 of those amps I'm kinda glad he lives a good half hour a way from me, pretty sure were on a different power grid. LOL. Hey Barry, those might be nice Altec's but they are rather pricey. Also keep an eye out for HeathKit AS101's, Valencias in a nicer cabinet, same driver load and cabinet volume. BillWojo
  6. Congrats Kevin, now you have an excuse for being on the computer all day!
  7. B-Man, nuclear explosions terrify me. It's not like when they take a building down, you could be in the next zip code and still be a victim. I guess it's from being in elementary school and all the drills we went through in case of the big bomb. Still that video is a big reminder of the destructive force they unlease. About 5 or 6 seconds after the blast the shock wave hits the camera man. BillWojo
  8. Sure looked like a nuclear explosion to me and a few seconds later the video camera shakes from the shock wave. As usual, Putin is in cover up mode. And only 7 people died? BillWojo
  9. I had the pleasure of hearing Kev's system this afternoon and it sounded fantastic. Kevin said it was very quiet in his post and I have to agree, no hum or buzz even when turned all the way up with no input. System noise is one thing that drives me nuts. The thing that I liked is it doesn't add coloration to the music, listening to things I'm familiar with sounded just as it should. A bit of that credit goes also to the 4000T preamp that Bonzoro rebuilt/modified. Kevin has told me for years that he thought that the 4000T could be made into a world class preamp and he was right. He asked
  10. I have some plates, I'll dig them out and send you a total. Thanks Bill
  11. Good one Jim, I picked up a Stromberg Carlson ASR-333 to rebuild. This will be my first crack at rebuilding an amp, hopefully I don't screw it up to bad. I can always call Kevin if I do. Actually, I'm sure I'll be on the phone with him several times as I get into it. Looks like a nice PP EL84 stereo intergrated with decent iron. I have a dim bulb tester and a variac plus all the basic stuff. Right now I'm building a set of Altec Model 19 crossovers to use on my HeathKit AS101's (Altec Valencia clones in nicer cabinets). So any more useful tips is always welcome. BillWojo
  12. The neat thing is that when I was younger there where still shops around that could make big stuff like that. Of course the locomotive industry was gone but some of those machine tools lived on. I can remember as a teen riding the table on one of those big planners as we did setups and such and than running the machine. What fun it was standing in front of a row of control levers and having control of a machine that you could park a truck on and making huge chips. Same with the verticle lathes. Later I would service machine tools and make repairs on some of these machines. Very cool stuff inde
  13. By the way for anyone pulling out there copy, side two, last track is a series of frequency sweeps, make sure you turn down the volume for this, the high frequency's at high volume might damage your tweets! It actually let me hear the bumps and valleys in the frequency response curve of my Altec horns. Pretty cool. BillWojo
  14. My copy of the Carver Reference Disc 2014 that Daddyjt put together for the members here. I was a new member at the time and asked if I could have a copy and he gladly sent me one. It's a 2 disc compilation that the members helped put together and Daddyjt made all the copies, art work and than preceded to mail out to the members. What a ton of work! Anyway, I hadn't listened to it in a while and it is an amazing collection of music of all different types. It's nice to step outside of my normal? listening habits and be reminded of some of the great artist out there. Through this forum I have be
  15. Barry has helped me out before, I'll third or forth......what ever, he deserves it for sure. Great guy. BillWojo
  16. Wow, she blew me away with that. When I was a teenager that was my favorite song. That little girl has talent and we will be hearing from her. Thanks danowood BillWojo
  17. Was at the GW tonight and saw a Buddy Guy CD "Skin Deep". Pulled it out and the art work was autographed. "Buddy Guy 09", must have been on tour and someone had him sign it after the concert. I have another signed CD in my collection, forget who it was at the moment. So has anyone else found hidden treasures like that? I think it's really cool to stumble across something like that. BillWojo
  18. I'm loving the cheap prices here in NJ. I just filled up with diesel and it was 1.67/gallon. Listening to the radio they say that cheap oil prices is bad for the market? I say the hell with that, leaves more in the consumers pocket to spend. I bet the average driver saves 25 bucks a week compared to a few short years ago. BillWojo
  19. I already know, you push this button for rock, this one for country and this one for jazz.............. If you could explain how a tuner works in layman's terms that would be awesome. BillWojo
  20. Interesting article. Not only are records and TT making a comeback but the Polaroid camera as well and Kodak is working on a 8mm cine camera. I have an interest in photography, it was an early hobby of mine. Compared to digital it forces you to slow down and actually compose a photo, something that is lost on most of the digital photo crowd. I have a small collection of Bolex 8mm and 16mm cine cameras. Way to expensive to use as both the film and processing is a specialty in today's world. But the magnificent beauty in these old cine cameras will never be duplicated again. Mechanical marvel's
  21. Congrats Mark and thanks for helping out. BillWojo
  22. Congrats Steve, I remember when you came in here, asking a million questions and taking it all in. Like many of us you have been slowly building a dream system. Glad you stuck it out. Write down what you have in your system today and I bet you will be surprised where you are this time next year. Like me, you got it bad. LOL BillWojo
  23. Thanks zumbini, I emailed the pics to my computer and posted them with your help. Not the best pics but you get the idea. BillWojo
  24. I just tried to upload a pic from my cell phone and it says file size is to large. Ok, I emailed a few to my computer. What a night. Brother has white hair. BillWojo
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