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  1. That sucked me right in................ I think I'll add the gravitron to my selection in "Rock, paper,scissors" selection. It will deform the paper so it can't be cut straight, accelerates a rock away from the holder, and deforms the scissors if I have a few extra.
  2. MMMH2O

    Favorite Pictures

    It was taken on Tatooine.....Luke sent it to me in 1977 on my Samsung G1.
  3. Welcome Eric from another Lakeville Carver owner. I bought my C4000 and M500 back in 1984, and recently had Nahash upgrade the amp. What a great investment! Now to get my C4000 off to Bonzaro for it's upgrade! All the other gear I have is good for theater listening, but when you want to hear great stereo, the Carver Sonic Holography adds so much depth.
  4. It was very painless. And you get to make a lot of 13 year old jokes with the nurses. They were running late on my appointment - as the nurse was walking me to the exam, I could honestly say I could see she was running a little behind.
  5. If you love history, subscribe to The History Guy on YouTube. I had never heard of the Watermelon war...until he presented it.
  6. Well, I pulled out my scanning electron microscope, and got her dusted off, but then found this guy had it done already....
  7. Exactly what I thought too Brian. This was the source that talks about the shape of those grooves, and why only so much can be put on an album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzRvSWPZQYk
  8. Was reading about the difference between vinyl and digital the other day and this highlights the point they were making about the amount of info that can be put on vinyl. The tracks get squiggly with higher volume and bass. Is that linear tracking you think? It looks like the inner part of the groove is driving it.
  9. Congratulations! You did a wonderful job at upgrading my M-500 earlier this year. Others will be happy once they get a chance to experience your work!
  10. You got me to go down and throw "Sounds of Silence" on my Beogram. It has a MMC2 cartridge, and what a joy to listen to. I picked up the album from a store here in St. Paul that cleans all their albums.(Agharta Records). Run through my C4000 and M500 it is sooooo nice to listen to. I could take a look and see if they have another sometime.
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