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  1. The uplifting chorus Be the sound of higher love today ...Composers Vangelis & Jon Anderson.
  2. "The full live set video was premiered on the evening before the annual Piano Day worldwide celebrations (March 29th). The motivation to make the recording of the live performances which became the release ‘Live from Studio S2’ came from the invitation from the Berlinale Film Festival. “I decided to rearrange some of my favourite songs, which I have been performing live for years. Recorded live and captured in the iconic Studio S2, one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw...In the beginning of February 2021, I was asked to record a live set as a part of EFM sessions, which are the part of the Festival. I thought that bringing back my piano and equipment to the hall where I recorded my live session videos for my debut album 'Esja' would be a nice idea and the right cinematic choice. The iconic Studio S2 is one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin. It felt very special to be in the hall where we recorded a video for "Glass", one of my most liked videoclips. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.”
  3. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    Oder Tzur, Isabela. "New York-based saxophonist Oded Tzur introduces a heightened sense of urgency and a conceptually augmented approach to his distinctive voice, weaving one underlying musical idea through a series of elaborate and impassioned designs. The quartet’s lineup is unchanged from 2020’s Here Be Dragons and the group’s interplay has grown even more expressive in the meantime. Throughout Isabela the saxophonist and his collaborators – pianist Nitai Hershkovits, Petros Klampanis on bass and rhythm conjurer Johnathan Blake – apply their subtle dialect in a more intense space, exploring the nuances and colors of Oded’s self-fashioned raga in a suite-like sequence of quiet meditations and powerful exclamations.'
  4. Temperature up? Humididity on the rise? Tending to the erupting florid landscape, the natty zig-zagging fellow insect travelers of Spring? ... Cool core temperature as evening approaches.
  5. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    Tigran Hamasyan Puts a New Spin on Old Standards
  6. As with this recording, in the set list when MD came to the Filene Center amphitheater at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA, USA. Picnic baskets on the lawn & wine & ice cream...& the Modern Jazz Quartet (!) began the evening.
  7. Jon Hassell, Timeless, from Seeing Though Sound: Pentimento Volume Two
  8. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    We were fortunate to see Pat Martino at Blues Alley (it is down an alley) in the Georgetown district of District of Columbia. A remarkable musician, two times over. If one were to witness Rodin, Michelangelo, da Vinci , Michelangelo or Botticelli, etc., spinning out images before ones eyes, that would be close to his artistry. Coming to appreciate (belatedly) dawns all of a sudden & then more so, gradually, later.
  9. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "By electrifying his double reed instrument and incorporating elements of bebop, fusion, Indian, ambient and rock-fueled grunge, the Bay Area bassoonist pushes the envelope on what his notoriously unwieldy instrument can do..." Link (released in 2008)
  10. The Thin White Duke & the Black Swan...
  11. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "Siwan, the transcultural, trans-idiomatic musical collective led by Norwegian keyboardist/composer Jon Balke, continues along its special path, with new music inspired by the creative spirit of Al-Andalus. The ensemble weaves lines of communication between musicians from multiple traditions and locations. Among the texts set by Balke on Siwan’s third album and persuasively sung by Algerian vocalist Mona Boutchebak are verses by Ummayad princess Wallada bint al-Mustakfi (1010-1091) and contemporaries including Ibn Zaydun (1003-1071) and Ibn Sara As-Santarini (1043-1123). Hafla was recorded in May and June 2021 at Village Recording Studios, in Copenhagen."
  12. A Guitar Supreme: Giant Steps In Fusion Guitar. Covers of John Coltrane compositions or songs associated with Coltrane.
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