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  1. Congratulations to the new parents and your family. Grand parenting has been one the greatest rewards of my family !!
  2. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Al Kooper)
  3. EDIT BY MOD: I fixed it for you. NOTE: Google search doesn't supply the direct image anymore. You have to click VISIT, find the image, and copy the actual image link.
  4. Thanks for all the work to bring this to fruition. Feels kind of like watching my grandson discover the features of a new gift !!
  5. Thanks Greg for your hard work, Thanks fellows for the great forum. $$ on the way to the Keeper of the Wampum.
  6. My spouse shared " The Kitchen & Living Room will be painted by Thanksgiving" (this has been a rather long remodel process) So hopefully more of the Carver gear and CD & Turntable will be back in the living room. I've got a lot of vinyl in the basement that has been in Limbo for the past year. So the computer tunes will be less frequent in the near future
  7. I had Zune ---Microsoft discontinued in 2015 ( I believe) and my collection is moved to Groove, now I get notice and Microsoft discontinues Groove and my collection goes to Spotify. Lost quite a bit of my early Zune purchases due to the original WMA issue when Zune was discontinued, I guess we shall see. Some of my collection is not available on Spotify, when it transferred last week, I noticed it substituted some similar works by artists in my collection. I ended up with some new tunes that I didn't have by similar artists. I guess we will see how it goes now with Spotify. Basically it is music that I listen to on my computers, and on my Zune player in my car. Not sure if it has been worth the $$$ over the years with all the changes.
  8. R.I.P. Walter. I feel fortunate that I was able to see a great show with Donald Fagen & The Nightflyers this past Thursday. So many wonderful tunes !!
  9. Thanks Brian, for sharing your initial experiences. Great bunch of fellows here. Congratulations .
  10. Congratulations joining the Blues !
  11. Welcome, and thanks for the story --background history.
  12. Congratulations Chops !!! " Welcome to the Blues "
  13. Thanks Greg for keeping the ship on course. " Here 's My Dollar (s) " !!
  14. Congratulation Jim, and thanks Charlie for this Karma offering !!
  15. I really like my Zune player. Sorry that Microsoft discontinued the software support. A lot of my purchases, (and there were quite a few ) before April 2011 used WMA , digital rights management & my purchase of this Pink Floyd was included in the list. So even though I'm trying to download & save as many tunes to CD's before the March 12th 2017 cutoff ---Windows 10 often will not recognize that I had purchased many of these albums. Everything after April 2011 the Zune program downloaded as MP3s and not affected. So I would like to be in. This would really make my Wife happy !! so I'll try our lucky # 53 Thanks Charlie P.S. Thanks for the opportunity to "rant" and/or vent my frustration (many downloaded videos also affected )
  16. Same here. Purchased most of my automotive and various Craftsman tools and storage cabinets (or received them as suggested X-mas - Birthday gifts) 30 +years when my wife and I first settled into our home. I don't necessarily work with them everyday but the original quality stills speaks for their longevity. A bigger disappointment was the announcement 3 days ago that our local Sears store is closing. Understandable I guess with the struggles the company has been going through. But nonetheless I will really miss the local resource, especially the Automotive center.
  17. Sagamore2007

    Space Bar

    I'm just glad to see I can post images from Windows 10 Edge---for the longest time I've been using Firefox or Chrome to get the toolbar to load, as it was AWOL from Explorer.
  18. And now for something completely different. There was a post earlier this week from KVE777 about an 8 track-/-cassette tape player that brought back memories of my '67 Chevy Caprice. Amazing after 40+years how many lyrics I recall---a well worn piece of vinyl. "Billy Was A Mountain" Thanks for the memories Frank !!!
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