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  1. I'm sure there were no mind altering substances involved.😉
  2. The first system I bought was a Marantz 1060, AR turntable, and AR4a speakers. for the first time in my life I heard what music was really supposed to sound like.
  3. A very generous karma Charlie, thanks for sharing. Congrats to Steve for his good fortune.
  4. Sorry Maddmaster, I'm can't read it seems and you're one month older than me, so I'll go with the grandson's age at number 11.
  5. Wow! A chance to replace my FM2 which finally died last fall. how bout 68?
  6. I'll miss you bud. Watching football with you at the Fests was one of my great pleasures.
  7. From the Travelling Wilburys "she wrote a long letter, on a short piece of paper"
  8. Miss you Gary, I think of you every time I crank up my rig. I still remember the "wall of sound" from the first fest.
  9. Roger Waters "The Wall". It was excellent and well worth watching.
  10. A Marantz 1060 amp with AR-4a speakers and an AR turntable. It was a very good sounding system. Wish I still had it.
  11. That was cool! Thanks for posting.
  12. I have a pair of Carver Plats and had a pair of AL-III in addition. I can highly recommend the AL-III's. I drove mine with an M-500T and the results were excellent. Very good soundstage, clean crisp highs thanks to Mr. Bob's ribbons. $1000 doesn't sound excessive if they are in excellent condition. Be aware placement is very important. The only reason I don't still have mine is that I swapped them for a C-19 with another Carver believer. Good luck in your search.
  13. Centerline of the path crosses directly over my house. Glad I don't have to travel to see it.
  14. From my experience with both the C-1 and my current C-19 w/ C-9 sonic hologram unit I have heard no drop off in base response at all. The holography seems to put bass and drums center stage. Both have excellent phono inputs, though I prefer the phono on the C-19. Tubes do make a noticeable difference even though I use Silver 9T monoblocks.
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