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  1. Thank you. Not to be picky, but I had no idea that you tagged me in this post - blue font on green background makes text completely unreadable.
  2. Don't see the user/profile links on the phone anymore, so was not sure how to even login (I think I was logged) on my phone - Android/Chrome.
  3. Photobucket really screwed a lot of people and a lot of forums when they changed their policies. Assholes. I use flickr and google photos (pay a bit for extra space on google photos).
  4. It definitely looks like the entrance into Queens Quay underground streetcar entrance, not the handicap spot (confirmed - it's one of the cars that got in there). Apparently 25 vehicles entered there in the span of the last few years (and obviously got stuck). So now there is a huge debate among locals on what to do. Here is the entrance... How much more idiotic does it have to get, so that morons don't get in there and disrupt streetcar traffic for hours? Tons of signs, flashing lights, rumble strips.
  5. The man who seemed indestructible for so many years. The man who taught people to dream while fighting death every single day, and was still working on his research and teaching public. A truly the greatest mind of the last few generations. Most people cannot comprehend who we just lost. Seriously tragic. R.I.P.
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