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  1. I know, I know, you got me pegged, but I gotta do something man!
  2. There's no thread for "idiotic banter", but I just had "one of those moments" where, being the moron I am, I accidentally went to the Carver Yacht owner's forum by accident and actually spent a while there looking at yachts and thinking how nice it would be to have one of those bad boys and be able to float away from all the covid noise, controversy, BS and madness. I daydreamed a vision of a huge Carver Yacht (maybe a timeshare of forum members here) with the proud bold name emblazoned on the stern "Powerful. Musical.Accurate." Of course we'd have to install a killer sound system...well there
  3. Hello gang! Been many moons since I've posted but I still lurk and enjoy the posts from all you Carver geniuses! 🙂 Here's one I'm listening too that seems to calm the savage breast. Hope you are all staying safe and sound in these crazy times! Best wishes, Bill
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