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  1. So don't worry about tomorrow Take it today Forget about the check We'lle get Hell to pay Have a drink on me
  2. Welcome to the site Arnaldo. Plenty of resources here... dig around
  3. EADG

    C-1 Karma

    ... and we all await for the random number to be generated! Best of luck to all who entered a digit.
  4. EADG

    C-1 Karma

    Most excellent karma!! Best of luck to all who have picked a number. Sitting this one out.✌️
  5. Sharp eye Jeffs. Kershaw Leeks are part of my EDC. I should start a new thread. With pics. Of knives... all sharp and shiney.
  6. Otto Klemperer - Die Walkure-Ride Of The Valkyries No link 'cause I'm on a tablet. And somewhat lazy. In other news, I found a link... enjoy.
  7. Judas Priest - Never the Heroes [1:11/4:24] Crom's Blood!! I'll not link a vid. Get the .flac, and turn up your pre-amp a wee bit... with SH. You'lle thank me later. Or not. 'Nuff said.
  8. Mint installed on everything. Makes for ease of use. Oppo... seen the name a few times, not sure what the box is. Went to thier web site... spendy as hell... and they stopped making whatever it is they sell. Presently I have a laptop connected to each stereo location in the house, movies stream from on box, music from another. I use laptops because Carver has no wifi, least not the components I'm buying. I SSH into each laptop with Android tablets...
  9. Thanks for posting this Sk1! Now I have to install a Youtube sreaming program on this Linux laptop I've SSH'd into so I can crank it on a stereo. If I were to buy a guitar, this is what I'd want to sound like.
  10. All switches replaced... I can't stop poking them... the finger-feel is out of this world. New caps. The gain board. The remote Reciever. Not sure how this will fit in with my other componets, but I'll make it work. Stacked up untill all the componets come in, then I'll piece everything out to diffrent parts of the house.
  11. C-1 arrived earlier this week from Bonzoro who spent time reworking all the bits and pieces Everybody loves pictures... so here they are! Customs poked around...sadly, no winning Timmy's cup this time 'round Silver! Very nice. The top cover plate was scratched up a wee bit. Bonzoro reworked it. The texture and finish and texture are spot on. I'm impressed. Look at this! Just look at it. BZ installed a remote. If your on the fence about installing this mod, get it. Well worth it.
  12. Update 1. C-5 Pre amp 2. TX-8r remote controll unit 3. SD/A 490t or TL-3300 (Quebec guy doen't want to ship his 3300) 4. TFM-6cb x1
  13. Lacrosse. More violent and fist-fighty then hockey. K.
  14. Playing: David Aaron Carpenter & London Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak; Cello Concerto, Op. 104; I. Allegro (Arr. Vieland & Carpenter) [1:45/14:21]
  15. $43 for a Cd?!? Crom's Blood! UPS and FedEx are crazy expensive sending across the border when compared to USPS and Canada Post.
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