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  1. Hey thanks for the info guys, AJ we would love to see photos when u get the time. My setup is in big need of a nice rack. Gee can't we all appreciate a nice rack!
  2. Hey Trav, I like the rack a lot. What size all-thread is that? How did you terminate the feet?
  3. Thanks for the post, I will be looking for a way to incorporate a hard drive with flac files into my iTunes. Any ideas for programs? This is one of those times I wish I had a teenager available for advice.
  4. Welcome, welcome. As a fellow newbie around here I can tell you you are in good company. There are a bunch of really great guys that truly know their stuff. Just want to throw my 2 cents in to the pot and say the C-1 with the BillD mods does sound incredible. Great sound stage and full bottom end. I recently acquired a m500t myself and love the combination.
  5. OMG Gene you're killing us! Retriever thanks for the eyecandy.
  6. Welcome to the site Chris, if you've been lurkin a while you know what a great group this is.
  7. Need more speed? Bigger woofers! I hope their disability was not caused by youthful shoulder mounted blaster syndrome. Or are they perfectly able and have just found a more efficient way to transport their portable tunes. Or do they have three more friends to set up a portable surround system?
  8. FURTHER IGNORANCE EXPOSED!!! Here's one of those things that i feel like I should know but truly don't. Do amps generally have a certain range of their" power band" where they are particularly sweet? Is it better to have an amp that is just loping along at 8 oclock on the dial or one that is less powerful and running at a 10 o'clock or 11 position. Running my 150 rms amp at 9 o'clock will just about run me out of the room.
  9. One of my favorites with several meaningful lines for me, At The Edge by David Crosby from the album CPR Our grasp is so fragile, the thread is so thin I wonder each day if I'm blowin away I know that I'm lucky- I wouldn't be here at all If somebody's hand hadn't been where I stand At the edge of a very great fall. And like a lighthouse before you at the edge of the sea the woman who's grip holds when you slip. but the darkness won't get you - your family won't go they will make your heart light to where you know what is right and you go where you know you sh
  10. In no certain order: Elton John- Elton John Santana - Santana, Abraxas ,Supernatural Beatles - White Album, Revolver, Abbey Road B.B. King - Deuces Wild Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live DVD Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood James Taylor - Sweet Baby James, Live at the Beacon, Hourglass Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run , The Wild the Innocent and the E street Shuffle, Tunnel of Love , The Rising L
  11. Hey Paul, Nice system, could you check and see if my initials are on the bottom of your maggies? Just kidding, but seeing them does take me back. good times, good times
  12. Thanks for the great mind compliment, but i'm happy with my self assessment of being just your average idiot. Check out the Stereophile review of the Bifrost and be sure to read all the way to the end. I have the Uber analog2 upgrade.
  13. I don't have a lot to compare it to but i do enjoy it. I bought it based on many of the reviews. I didn't do the usb upgrade as my intention was to use a Pure ipod dock with a digital cable and don't use my pc as a music server. The ability to upgrade as specs change down the road is a huge bonus imho. Who wants to buy something that is useless when the next improvement in bandwidth or speed or whatever is reached? I noticed your Pioneer BS22 speakers, nice choice, one of the true bargains out there today. I bought some for my nephew for Christmas.
  14. Zumbini you just made my day if you meant "is one of the Bill D mods". thank you sir
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