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  1. Leave transferring the film to these folks. Www.pro8mm.com These do my developing and transferring
  2. Tonight was chicken wings in the Meco grill. Another made in the USA item.
  3. I purchased their turkey hanger. Nicely made and sturdy.
  4. Here's a brisket from the Pit Barrel Cooker. This cooker gets my vote and should be on everyone's list. It's now $350, and can cook for hours and hours with 40-60 pieces of coal. It's American made by veterans and is very high quality. The results have always been amazing.
  5. Here's a turkey from my smoker - a Pit Barrel Cooker. Made in the USA by veterans. Best $300 I've ever spent. https://pitbarrelcooker.com/
  6. I've always liked the sound of Paradigm speakers. I'm running Studio 40's and the sound is fantastic.
  7. Another company that has good products is www.eastwood.com They have plenty of welders and plasma cutters. Chris
  8. I guess it depends on where you live. I live in in a big and busy city and there's no way I'd make an eight year old get out of the car and walk home. The really crazy thing about this story is the little boy WAS picked up by a stranger in another car by the side of the road. Luckily it was a good citizen. I think that's why the judge did all of this. Growing up I was taught never to get into a stranger's car. Was this boy taught the same?
  9. The one automotive website I'm hooked on is bringatrailer.com Lots of great cars for sale. Chris
  10. Thanks everyone. I listen to a bit of everything, but it's heavy on Beatles/Stones/Brubeck/Mingus and Chuck Berry! I haven't heard of Mike Keneally. Today was a day off, so I spun records. I'm in hour #7 and loving how it all sounds. Chris
  11. And thank you! Today I'm trying to get the speakers in the proper place for the sonic holography to work.
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