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  1. BrianT



    Payment made by PayPal, going to miss you all.



  2. Ed Can you please get me 1 x Large Black 1 x Large Ice Grey Shipping to the Great Whit North K1B 4L2 Let me know what the bill is and I will pay you by PayPal. Brian
  3. Thanks guys. Had a great evening with all my local family. Its funny but I do not feel a day over 84 😉 Brian
  4. Rod Nice selection but I would have kept the Breitling, as I have always loved the Aviation Chronograph. Brian
  5. Rod Time: 12:01 The Gold Seiko was my dad's first watch, he passed away 20 years ago and left it to me. My youngest daughter sent it to Seiko and had it completely overhauled and presented it to me for my 60th birthday, what a GREAT present. 2 Seiko mand 2 Tag Heuer. Brian
  6. What flavour ? With or without Remote With or without Phono section Or a full load with both items. Brian
  7. Thats bad news, had Ray & Mike booked cabin 12 or cabin 11 Brian
  8. Happy birthday Ray, stay safe Brian
  9. If Al & Mel are taking cabin 6, and they still have room for me 2rd week I would love to join them, and hopefully Frankie. Brian
  10. As I missed CF2019, I would love to make it to CF2020 What are the dates ? Brian
  11. Great karma, someone is going to be very lucky Brian
  12. I'm in please with 71 Thanks Brian
  13. Happy birthday, hope you have as much fun as I just did on my b'day. Brian
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