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  1. Yep at 26K usd list, or $35300.00 cnd plus 13% tax its heavy. But you can tell your brother, I did get a Black friday discount 😉 Brian
  2. A good friend of mine purchased a Vinnie Rossi L2iSE integrated amp about 4 months ago. https://www.vinnierossi.com/l2-se-integrated-amplifier/ He knows that I have been working on my basement, still waiting for carpet b/o since 4 Oct 20 So today he decided to bring over his L2iSE, for me to play around with. All I can say about it, is that I ordered one today in Black with DAC & Phono, gave the dealer a 50% deposit. Both myself and my wife Pat loved the spacious sound, with detail and not harshness to it. Now I have to figure out how to
  3. Thanks for posting, I was to late. SOLD OUT. Brian
  4. BrianT



    Payment made by PayPal, going to miss you all.



  5. Thanks guys. Had a great evening with all my local family. Its funny but I do not feel a day over 84 😉 Brian
  6. That would have been a great deal, $380.00 cnd = $285.00 usd I live in Ottawa Canada, only 2hrs away from Montreal. In the last 2 years I have purchased 3 different items for members, and then shipped the item to them. Next time you see an add like that, think of me. Brian
  7. My first rig was B&O 6000 Turntable, 6000 Receiver and S-75 Speakers. I saw the setup in a shop window and I knew I had to purchase the set. I walked in and financed for 24 months. The Turntable was great, the Receiver and Speakers looked good, sounded good but not great. Stock Pictures. Brian
  8. Thanks for posting this LT Merry Christmas to all. Brian
  9. Merry Christmas to all you guys, it was fun meeting up with some f you at Carverfest 2018 Brian
  10. Kev Nice Ford, sorry I should have said Tube Amp ? Brian
  11. David We all had a fun time, see you again next year. Brian
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