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  1. Sent yesterday. Thanks for all you do for this site!!!
  2. I currently don't own any AL-III's but am actively looking for a deal on some. I already have a pair of infinity Kappa perfect 10.1's to go in them. If you don't get rid of them all to current owners, I would be happy to have a full length set.
  3. Congrats and welcome!! Great group of people here.
  4. Congrats on your new addition!! I will be looking for a nice turntable setup soon as well. Back in the 80's I was a DJ at a roller rink and collected a very large vinyl collection. When I moved out of my parents house almost all of them were misplaced somewhere. I chalked them up to being gone for good. Just a few months ago I was at one of my brothers house just hanging out. Out of the blue he mentioned that he was cleaning out a closet under his stairs and wanted to know if I still wanted my 500+ vinyl albums!!! Uhhhh YES!!! Now all I need to do is score a nice turntable off of Craigslist that someone thinks is not worth anything anymore
  5. Found some items on Craigslist in the northern Detroit area I would like. Looking for someone to pick them up and ship. I would pay by Paypal and also pay for your services. They are smaller items that aren't very heavy. Let me know. Thanks!!
  6. Let's hope he doesn't like to chew on cardboard boxes
  7. Just started following this post again. Bummer I didn't keep up on it as I only like about 30 mins from where you met up and I would have loved to meet some other local Carver folks. We talked about having lunch again when I return the boxes..We should plan it on a day that we can all meet..I'd be happy to meet you Mike..Any other members near by? Sounds like a plan. Keep me posted.
  8. Not sure how soon my M-500t box and inserts are needed. If it can wait for my amp to be returned from Greg I would be happy to meet you Ar9Jim. I live in Kenosha WI. Greg, if the box is needed earlier, feel free to send it off to Ar9Jim now . I am not in any hurry for the M-500t as I can't use it on my Polk SDA's
  9. Just started following this post again. Bummer I didn't keep up on it as I only like about 30 mins from where you met up and I would have loved to meet some other local Carver folks.
  10. Congrats on the new house!!! Definitely focus on the house for now. I somewhat feel your pain. We are in the process of building and are packing up from living in our first house for 12 years. I rented a 10 X 20 storage unit and began boxing up and getting stuff out of the basement. The storage unit is now half full and lets just say it is barely even noticeable that I started on the basement!! For those of you in the south.....basements bring out the hoarder in all of us northerners!!
  11. Just read this post now. Brian you are a stand up guy for posting this. Takes a lot to humble yourself and do what you did. I have full respect for you and this site is a better place because of guys like you. Thanks for all you do on this site and for the members. Hope one day to meet you in person.
  12. Perfect example of just how screwed up and corrupt the whole medical/insurance industry is. My wife just had hip surgery. Post surgery she required 2 pieces of equipment while recovering. One of the items was covered by our insurance and one wasn't. The first picture below was of the item that was not covered. It is a larger 30lb machine with an electric motor. She puts her led and foot in it and uses a remote to control it. It moves her leg for her to keep movement in the joint. I was quite concerned when I found it wasn't covered, but then surprised to find out it was only $299 and that included delivery and a person to spend 1 hr teaching us how to use it. The second piece was fully covered by our insurance. Take a look at the picture below. It is a brace for her hip that is mostly velcro straps and a small piece of metal to hold her hip inline and keep her from moving her leg out from her body. very simple piece of equipment. The charge for this item to our insurance that was fully covered was $1300!!!! Because the seller knows that it will be covered by insurance the price is set at the max that the insurance will pay for it. These costs are handed right back to people like Greg that are just trying to make a living and provide adequate insurance for their families!!
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