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  1. Hello,

    I’m just looking for a decent price for the equipment. I have bought to much over the years and I really do not want to put it on the bay because I would rather offer it to carver nuts like me . I will get some photos your way.



    1. skids


      ok Do you have 2 45's or 3 ?

  2. Hera ya go. 67 Camaro I finished last year. Nice Calif car. 57 chev pickup. 4 link, coilovers, Rack and pinion, 355 full roller. Wifes truck 64 vette. 383, 500 HP,501 Tq, full roller, dart block, Holley HP MPFI,sequentially controlled.
  3. In the shop now I have a 64 vette, and a 57 chev pickup.
  4. I really should say hello to everyone since I Am a newb to this forum. I joined this forum after lurking on it for awhile and realized there are quite a few people very versed in electronics here. Way beyond my level. My music equipment voyage started in the early 70’s with the baddest radio shack speakers and zenith stereo,just a smokin! Then jumped into SAE amp and equalizer.Nice stuff. From there two different carver receivers and then ct23 and tfm35x, which I jam to now in my shop, to the likes of Robin Trower, Stevie Ray, jimmy lane,Melvin Taylor,etc. Still crank the tunes at concert levels at 60 yrs young in my man cave and build hot rods!!
  5. Am considering replacing my CT23 with a C1. I am using a tfm35x. Both units I purchased new back in the day, and thanks to this forum I think i'm infected with the carver bug, again. So, figured might as well start right here to see if there is a cure.
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