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  1. Welcome Tomcat, How ironic, i'm also in Manitowoc.
  2. Hello,

    I’m just looking for a decent price for the equipment. I have bought to much over the years and I really do not want to put it on the bay because I would rather offer it to carver nuts like me . I will get some photos your way.



    1. skids


      ok Do you have 2 45's or 3 ?

  3. Hera ya go. 67 Camaro I finished last year. Nice Calif car. 57 chev pickup. 4 link, coilovers, Rack and pinion, 355 full roller. Wifes truck 64 vette. 383, 500 HP,501 Tq, full roller, dart block, Holley HP MPFI,sequentially controlled.
  4. In the shop now I have a 64 vette, and a 57 chev pickup.
  5. I really should say hello to everyone since I Am a newb to this forum. I joined this forum after lurking on it for awhile and realized there are quite a few people very versed in electronics here. Way beyond my level. My music equipment voyage started in the early 70’s with the baddest radio shack speakers and zenith stereo,just a smokin! Then jumped into SAE amp and equalizer.Nice stuff. From there two different carver receivers and then ct23 and tfm35x, which I jam to now in my shop, to the likes of Robin Trower, Stevie Ray, jimmy lane,Melvin Taylor,etc. Still
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