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  1. I am a huge ELP fan, truly saddened by the death of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake in 2016. I finally got around to reading Greg's book "Lucky Man". Highly recommend this if you were ever a fan of ELP. Really nice to get his insight, stories and other bits from throughout his life. I read through the book in 2 days, one of those I didn't want to put down. Keith's book is next, although a bit tougher to find. $12 on Amazon, takes a bit to arrive as it's shipped from London, but well worth the wait.
  2. That was a great video.. Nicely shot. Sad to see all that urban decay though. Kinda reminded me of the series on Discovery "After Man" or something like that, where they show you 5, 10, 50, 100 years after man and what the area would look like.
  3. I do the same RoboCopy is the way to go: Robocopy <Source folder <Destination folder> /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /purge So to copy all the songs (or just update) in C:\mymusic to the USB drive on "G\MyMusic" it would be: Robocopy c:\mymusic g:\mymusic /e /s /r:10 /w:1 /purge /e = Include empty folders. /s = Include all sub folders /r = Only do 10 retrys (Default 1 million!!) /w = Only wait 1 second between retries /Purge.. Careful with this one.. Using Purge will delete any files on the USB drive that do not exist on the C drive. So the two folders will be a mirror image in the end. If you do not use Purge then anything you delete from the source folder will still exist on the USB drive. Think about that for a sec before using. You can then make a CMD file that includes multiple robocopy lines for the multiple drives: Robocopy c:\mymusic g:\mymusic /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /purge Robocopy c:\mymusic h:\mymusic /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /purge Robocopy c:\mymusic I:\mymusic /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /purge Robocopy c:\mymusic j:\mymusic /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /purge Robocopy has other features such as logging, but for now that's enough out of me
  4. NickT

    Favorite Pictures

    I once grabbed the wrong end of a hot soldering iron... Really not something you want to do on any day . .
  5. That was such a great piece ..... "lost like tears in the rain"..... Rutger wrote that himself as he thought the original was too wordy...
  6. Sad to say we lost another good one. Blade Runner is still one of my favorite movies. Other great ones of his are Night Hawks and Lady Hawk. RIP..
  7. The one and only, the "Mod Father"
  8. Paul Collins Beat - On the Highway.
  9. You forget how talented Mike was.. Amazing video, 16 minutes
  10. My son loves this app. Can't say I have tried it myself though.
  11. Golden Earring Great song to play on the bass
  12. My copies of "I Robot" and "Wish you were here" on SACD just showed up. After a quick listen of both I am impressed. Need more time to really go through them and dig into the music. I am already very familiar with both so this should be a treat to find new details buried in the recordings. A friend of mine has the Rhino release of "Brain Salad Surgery" 5.1 min on SACD which I have been trying to find. Can't wait for that either. It's supposed to be one of the best 5.1 engineering efforts. I'm sure "Karn Evil 9" is going to cause major eargasms. I was listening to "Best of Bread" the other day and was impressed with the engineering on that, happy to see Mobile Fidelity also has an SACD of their "Baby I'm a want you".
  13. Love the Fleetwood mac album Rumors . Have to see if I can find the dvd audio version.
  14. Can't believe Emo and Greg are gone
  15. I raised this question in another thread and thought it worthy of it's own.. It's great to get a collection of audiophiles together and discuss what systems we have and what we have done and so one, but what sources do you find are best. I don't mean that just in terms of Vinyl vs CD vs SACD vs Pure Audio. But, out of that non exhaustive list, what have you listened too that really stood out as a well engineered and recorded "album"? Physical or streaming. . . . Last night I listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side on the Moon on SACD and the 5.1 mix. Room lights where off and I was pretty much center stage. Did this mostly as I just put a Cinema Grand Sig 400-5 into service. Heard things I had swore where not there before, couple of times I backed up and listened to a section again. This is one album I thought I knew from all angles. Truly amazed. Ordered "Wish you were here" on SACD 5.1 for good measure and can't wait for that to show up. I also listened to "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" on Blue-ray Pure Audio. Just a STUNNING rendition of APP's first album. Really wish or hope Mr. Parsons goes on to do the same to Pyramids and I Robot. I also ordered "I Robot" on SACD, really looking forward to that. I might add some that I just thought were terrible. So what stands out in your collection as noteworthy recordings?
  16. Got it.. I was using the "Link" button in the editor
  17. Blue Murder - Riot https://youtu.be/ABsBugiyzVQ How do you embed youtube here?
  18. I just ordered 2 SACD from Mobile Fidelity, "Wish you were here" and "I Robot". Can't wait to give them a listen..
  19. 5.1 mix, SACD, of Dark Side of the Moon in a darkened room. Heaven!!
  20. I wish more of these Pure Audio disks were made. Seems to be another dead'ish format. I just got the Alan Parsons Project "Tales of mystery and imagination". Full 5.1 remaster by Alan himself. Sounds amazing and I want more.....
  21. The "Rack", sorta.. Technics turntable is off to the right.
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