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Will Meyer

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Will Meyer last won the day on December 15 2020

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    TO-39 Transistor
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    Marysville, WA
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    William C. Meyer
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About Me

Main System: Carver C-15v Preamp; two TFM-35s and a TFM-25 driving Magnepan LRSs; JBL LX-55s, and Altec System 3; Pioneer SW-8MKII Subwoofer; TD-1400 Cassette Player; TX-12 Tuner; Teac X10 Open Reel Deck; Yamaha DVD-C740 CD Player, HK T55c turntable, and an ADC SS-525x Equalizer.

Shop System: Carver CM-1090 Amplifier, TFM-15cb driving Boston T850 and Infinity RS-8 speakers, TX-12 Tuner; SD/A-360 CD Player and Pioneer SG-505 equalizer.


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