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  1. I'm a Scifi fan. I used to buy paper books, but since getting a Kindle, all my purchases are in electronic media. They definately take up less room. Currently I'm reading a space opera, The Lost Fleet, by Jack Campbell. I'm on book #2 of the series, Fearless.
  2. I'm ok with picking up one so you don't have to burden the whole cost. We do need to check with Dennis before ordering. I have not been hit with import duties from Canada - but all my purchases have been low dollar items like these manuals.
  3. Attached is a tracker I use. I downloaded the list and lined out the items that we had. Lines that had BOTH the service and owner manuals I deleted. I use this to buy manuals for donating to the site. I always check with Dennis first so he can ensure that he doesn't have anything in his re ently submitted pile that hasn't been scanned yet. I will but the SD/A-410 SM for donation. I'll PM Dennis to ensure he doesn't have a copy. ManualsNeeded(1).xlsx
  4. SD/A-410 SERVICE MANUAL - Need TL-3200 TL-3220 SERVICE MANUAL - Have KLW AUDIO M2030 M2080 K MOS 2150 2200 4200 SERVICE MANUAL - Need TD-1440 SERVICE MANUAL - Have PM-120 SERVICE MANUAL - Have ECS ECS-U SBRD SERVICE MANUAL - Have MD/A-420 OWNERS MANUAL - Have 900 RECEIVER OWNERS MANUAL - Have MV-5 OWNERS MANUAL - Have DPL-20 PROCESSOR SERVICE MANUAL - Have TX-10 SERVICE MANUAL - Have TL-3100 Service Manual - Have TFM-22 AMP SERVICE MANUAL - Have SX-20 Crossover Service Manual - Need TLM-3600 CD Service Manual Factory - Have
  5. Nice. I had a CT-7 and loved it, but sold it and bought a C-16, which I'm now having it refreshed at Nelion. I'm a big fan of JBLs and also have a set of L100t's as well as LX-55s and LX-44s, but the L100t's are my flagship speaker - I recently upgraded the crossover to T3 standards. I've never owned a TL-3100, but I've heard good things about them. As far as old gear goes, the electronics seem to hold up pretty well. The mechanical devices seem more problematic as the plastic components age, get brittle, and break. My amps I've not had any issues wit
  6. Great job! I’ve done a lot of recapping. The metalized polypropylene capacitors are a significant upgrade over the NPEs. Most poly caps run a 5% tolerance although some are 1%; either way this is much closer than to nominal than the 20% of the NPE and therefore closer to the design intent. As MadMike indicated, they will go thru a break-in cycle. Some sites have thrown out numbers as high as 250 hours, but I find they gradually get better over 30 to 40 hours. The biggest improvement would be noticeable in the first 3 hours then it tapers off. I find restoring
  7. Thanks all! Cool! You made it through another one without electrocuting yourself - at least not too badly. Interesting that you say that. I was just playing with a broken AV-405 - it surprising how much power those filter caps hold!
  8. Welcome Max - we are pleased to have on-board!
  9. Very nice. its very difficult to find a nice rack. My current plans are to build. Hopefully I can start next week.
  10. I hate to throw this out, but I don’t think it’ll do me any good to fill it out and drop it in the mail. If anyone wants it, just PM me with your address and I’ll mail it. If no one is interested I shall recycle.
  11. Nice system! I'm very interested in your rack. Did you design and build it, or purchase it if I may ask? I'm finished with building my system component wise, but need to finalize my stereo rack. Still considering options.
  12. Welcome. There are a few of us in WA state. I hail from Marysville. Kick back and stay awhile, I'm sure you'll enjoy the company. Its a great bunch of people that hang out here.
  13. I can follow what he did using the 2 combined center channel speakers. Pretty clever. It's a high pass filter and instead of desoldering/soldering values on the main circuit board, he modified the circuit to use those RCA jacks as inputs to the high pass filter. I'm guessing he made you several plug in boards with different capacitors on each board so you can change out the boards, thereby changing the range of low frequency that you wish to block/attenuate. Very nice! He did a nice job - I like that he added IC sockets on the op amps. Also your pics are hi res eno
  14. Quick question on the DQ-LP1... Have you done any upgrades or preventive maintenance? The general read I get off the internet is to recap it and replace the op amps with new ones of the same part number. Regnar offers an upgrade, replacing the caps and installing burr-brown op amps for $320, which seems pricey for such a simple device. Like the C-1, the transformer has minimal excess capability, so its recommended to take a conservative approach. I picked up one of these off CL along with a DQ-1w. My intent is to power it with a spare TFM-6cb I have.
  15. You guys have real nifty toys!
  16. I'd love to hear those DQ-20s. John Dahlquist is a genius in crossover design and was ahead of his time. I have a set of DQ-12s that I did a full restore (foams, upgraded Regnar caps, repaint, and regrill). While I'm very pleased with my 12s and will never sell them, I would love to pickup a set of 10s or 20s someday.
  17. I'm very sorry to hear about this tragity. If there anything I can help with in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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