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  1. I'll see your $25.01 and raise you $4.99. $30
  2. I'll jump in and raise you $5 (oops - not poker) $25
  3. A bunch of manuals showed up on ebay. I went through them, it looks like there may be 3 that we don't have in the database. If this can be confirmed, I shall buy them and donate them to the site. The manuals are: SX-20 Service Manual KLW Audio (M2030, M2080, K MOS, 2100, 2200, 4200) Service Manual PMA-2022, PMA-2062, PMA-2100, PMA-2150, PMA-4075 Service Manual. I've been keeping eyes open for manuals we can add to the Database, but its hard to find something we don't have. (Of course when we do get it, someone ad
  4. I like the reel to reel. I actually have two, the other is an Akai GX-636. I use them daily, largely for background music while I work. The tape is twice as wide as a cassette, while the speed is twice as fast on its slowest setting (3.75 ips) or 4 times as fast (7.5 ips) at its fastest (cassette plays at 1.875 ips), so it has a much better response than a cassette. I use only new tapes. The sound is great, it does have a very analog sound to it. My first reel to reel was a Sony TC-850. It had a alot of noticable hiss. My current units have none. I've found a te
  5. Just to clarify... the C-11 is a slightly newer version of the C-1. The C-1 has a gray faceplace (anthracite), while the C-11 is black. The C-11 has a precog board in it (its not very usefull) and slightly different buttons. The BillD mod is the same between either of these amps since they are essentially the same. The C-11 is more of a rare bird, you'll see 10 C-1's for every C-11. Used the C-11 commands maybe $100 more on the market.
  6. The BillD C-1 (or C-11) will outshine the stock C-4000. The design philosophy of the C-1 was (if I can paraphrase BillD) "Make it sound like it wasn't there". The engineer that developed the mod, focused on noise reduction throughout the preamp. Of course, we are comparing a standard preamp (C-4000) with an upgraded unit (new op amps, bi-polar audio caps replacing polarized caps in the signal path, upgraded resistors, etc). Many of these updates can be applied to the C-4000, but its hard to beat the value and quality of a BillD C-1.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carver-C-16-Preamplifier/184658056575?hash=item2afe7a557f:g:I3cAAOSwrJJgI009 FYI... A C-16 just showed up on ebay...
  8. Welcome. I'm a fan of the TFM series, I've got at least of every series except the TFM-75. The -15 is often underrated, but its a great amp. It's a great feature to have Left and Right attenuators (like the -6, -35, and -55), allowing you to blend in speakers with different efficiencies (and who doesn't like the meters!). Welcome aboard. This is a great source for technical info and the people are great.
  9. It took me 6 months to find my C-16. As soon as I got it, I sent it to Nelion for a complete service. They don't show up often, so you need to grab one when you see it. Are you aware that the C-6 is identical to the C-16 except for the color of the faceplate? When I opened up my C-16, I noticed that the mainboard is stenciled C-6. C-1's and C-11's are also great preamps. You can get faceplates for these to change the color (either anthracite or black). Pricing is dynamic, my guess on price for units in nice or better condition are: C
  10. I was growing up in Chicago during this period. He and his sidekick, Gary Miers, were a big thing with their anti-disco radio show. While I was couldn't get into disco, I was never a fan his show. He was always controversial. During the Iran hostage crisis, he would make prank overseas calls to Iran while on the radio. IIRC, the state department had to intervene through the radio station to get him to stop.
  11. Is that a fireplace in an aircraft? If so, I hope its electric...
  12. Here’s my system in my Study. It’s a repurposed bedroom, so it’s not the optimal for acoustics, but I’m happy with it. My Carver stack on the left is (From Bottom up): TFM-45 purchased from and rebuilt by Ray, this drives Magnepan LRS speakers TFM-35 purchased from Carter and rebuilt by Greg, this drives JBL LX-55 (10 inch 3 ways) TFM-35 rebuilt by Ray, this drives Altec System 3’s (8 inch, 4 driver, 3 ways) TL-3600 10 disk CD changer TD-1400 Cassette SD/A-490t CD Player C-15v (Note: Greg is rebuilding my C-16 – This will be slotted in - replacing
  13. I'm a Scifi fan. I used to buy paper books, but since getting a Kindle, all my purchases are in electronic media. They definately take up less room. Currently I'm reading a space opera, The Lost Fleet, by Jack Campbell. I'm on book #2 of the series, Fearless.
  14. I'm ok with picking up one so you don't have to burden the whole cost. We do need to check with Dennis before ordering. I have not been hit with import duties from Canada - but all my purchases have been low dollar items like these manuals.
  15. Attached is a tracker I use. I downloaded the list and lined out the items that we had. Lines that had BOTH the service and owner manuals I deleted. I use this to buy manuals for donating to the site. I always check with Dennis first so he can ensure that he doesn't have anything in his re ently submitted pile that hasn't been scanned yet. I will but the SD/A-410 SM for donation. I'll PM Dennis to ensure he doesn't have a copy. ManualsNeeded(1).xlsx
  16. SD/A-410 SERVICE MANUAL - Need TL-3200 TL-3220 SERVICE MANUAL - Have KLW AUDIO M2030 M2080 K MOS 2150 2200 4200 SERVICE MANUAL - Need TD-1440 SERVICE MANUAL - Have PM-120 SERVICE MANUAL - Have ECS ECS-U SBRD SERVICE MANUAL - Have MD/A-420 OWNERS MANUAL - Have 900 RECEIVER OWNERS MANUAL - Have MV-5 OWNERS MANUAL - Have DPL-20 PROCESSOR SERVICE MANUAL - Have TX-10 SERVICE MANUAL - Have TL-3100 Service Manual - Have TFM-22 AMP SERVICE MANUAL - Have SX-20 Crossover Service Manual - Need TLM-3600 CD Service Manual Factory - Have
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