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  1. M-0.5t OM scanned and sent in to Dennis. I'll continue to keep my eyes open for other manuals. It's getting harder to find docs that aren't in the database and my thoughts are that as the years go by its only going to get tougher.
  2. Welcome! I'm an amateur hobbist and greatly appriciate the opinions and expertise from technicians that post on this site. I've been partcipating on this site for about 2 years. I really like the people and the learning opportunities provided on this site. Always entertaining and educational. By the way, another gentleman from Italy posts here, @Casaletti. He's posted some great information on upgrading the C-16 preamp. I really like reading his posts. Welcome aboard!
  3. I've made it a point over the last few years to seek manuals that aren't in the database, and when I find them (assuming the price is affordable), I've been buying an original copy and donating it to the site. I just aquired an M-0.5t with the original owners manual. The site does not have a copy of the manual in the database. Would The Carver Site like a copy? In the past year I've been reaching out to @dennismiller55 and sending him the manual to scan. Dennis are you still the manual czar? Let me know. In this case I think I'll keep the origin
  4. Happy Birthday - wishing you the best!
  5. Thanks All! After significant delays, I suspect were largely due to the Afghanistan pull out, I'm awaiting final orders for a one year assignment back in Kuwait. My departure date is set for 24SEP2021. I'll be keeping in touch, but leaving all my audio gear in the states. I do plan on searching the local market for used gear, but electronics are 220v following the British standard. Maybe I can find some neat speakers worth repairing and shipping back. I appriciate the birthday wishes. Thanks all! Will
  6. Welcome to the site. I live nearby in Marysville
  7. Happy Birthday John. Best Wishes.
  8. I use an Adcom ACE-515 to control this. It powers on Amps last, and powers the amps off first. I found out about this device from postings on this site. I read a recent post from @kve777 that on the C-19 you need to turn off the speakers when you change the gain. IIRC its a common issue with this preamp.
  9. Welcome Greg, I'm a big Carver fan too. I've had much of my equipment rebuilt and am impressed with the sound clarity. I'm also in WA, specifically Marysville, WA. Enjoy!
  10. Welcome to the site! I used to live in Middletown, DE. I moved from there to WA state in 2014. There is alot of good info on the site and the techs are very knowledgeable. I've learned alot in the 1.5 years I've been following the site. Glad you joined us.
  11. Rob - Can you show some nudes (just of the amp)
  12. Awesome amp! The 4.0 is no slouch to begin with (375w at 8ohms; 500w at 4ohms I believe). Do you know what the output power is with the Mk-II upgrade? Since its essentially the same amp as a TFM-4.0 and TFM-45/-42, can the Mk-2 upgrade be done to those?
  13. I agree with @BarryG I have both. The CT-7 is, IMHO, the best of the Preamp-Tuners Carver produced. The remote is hard to find, but aftermarkets remotes are available. Besides the better phono section (which includes 2 phono - MM and MC), the C-1 also supports an external processor input (nice feature if you use an EQ or Tube Buffer). They both support 2 tape decks and Sonic Holography. There are lots upgrades available for the C-1; most notable are the BillD mod and Gundry filter. While I suppose the CT-7 can be upgraded, I've never heard or s
  14. Great score! Nice addition to your other number ones!
  15. I'll see your $25.01 and raise you $4.99. $30
  16. I'll jump in and raise you $5 (oops - not poker) $25
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