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  1. For me it was sometime in the early 80's. I got a M-500t and then later a C1 Played it with my Mach 1 Radio shack speakers until I got some Canton CT-1000's then later a pair of ADS 1590 had those until 87 or 88 and got my Platinum's and a Carver CD Player Still have the plats but sold the M-500t & player just two years ago! Over the years I have had about every Carver amp and Pre amp made - Loved my C4000 then Got into Sunfire stuff and now I have about all that too I have had and played a lot of gear over the years but a Piece of Bobs gear has been a strong part of them all and until I found all you guys I thought I was his Biggest fan
  2. That WooAudio3 sure is nice! I will half to look into them more and something other then my sKullcandys for headphones.
  3. Howdy! Welcome and Happy you took the next step from lerking and joined to FUN. Nice System...
  4. Versatile set up! Love it,,,What Tube amp is that may I ask? My 75 watt kicks but and I got it on my Platinum's THANKS for the Pictures it looks FUN.
  5. Really nice set up! Is that a Benq 8700 or the 8700+ I had both models and they are nice but now I have the epson 1080p that got rave reviews and was cheap
  6. Yep -Bob has been a part of it in his life time! And he has more Plans THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!
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