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  1. Welcome, I have been a long time Carver fan. I also own a Sony PS X600 turntable which I have owned from new. There are more of these out there than I would have guessed. I am more of a casual vinyl listener, but this turntable has always ticked all of the boxes for me. I hope you enjoy yours.
  2. Another great story. It is good hearing stories of you and your customers particularly those customers that share the obsession with audio that most of the members here are afflicted with!! I am also glad that there is another ADS fan out there on this forum. I have used ADS 300 speakers for my non-critical listening areas (except the one pair I use for the surround speakers in my home theater system) since the 1980s. More recently they have been paired up with a Sonos Zone player. I have re-foamed three pairs, including a very early production pair in silver I purchased
  3. Another great story. It would be great to be one of your customers.
  4. Congrats on the BillD moded C-1. You will be very happy with the improvement of sound quality. Enjoy!!
  5. Spend time last weekend getting my primary systems in my living room setup. I have created two systems one exclusively for audio and a home theatre system. Equipment list is as follows: Audio Carver C-1 with BillD mods Carver M1.0t with Mk II Option 2 upgrade Martin Logan Request Speakers Sonos ZP 80 Zone Player Oppo BDP83 Disc Player (shared with video system) Video Samsung 65" LED TV 240hz refresh rate Emotiva UMC 1 Processor Carver AV705x amp Two B & W CM 2 speakers KEF Center speaker Two ADS 300 Surround speakers Velodyne UDL 15 Series
  6. The boat ramp is on our property. It is used for our kayaks and row boat. The deck and floating dock is on the neighbors' property. On a sunny day we get great a view of the snow capped Olympic mountains to the west. The normal tidal action in this area of Puget Sound is about 12 to 13 feet (high high tide to low low tide) during a 24 hour period. When the tide goes out the beach is exposed (We have oysters growing on a part of our beach, I guess I can add oyster farmer to my list of interests.) I have a buoy in front of our house for the boat to allow for access during normal tidal
  7. Here are a couple of aerial pictures of my new home taken a couple of weeks ago on a rainy day.
  8. Thanks I have been told my energy bills should be lower than a stick built house, it remains to be seen.
  9. Picture 3 It looks like the face plates of the C1 and M1.0t need polishing!
  10. Here are some pictures. This is the sitting room off of the master bedroom. It has a view of the beach, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain range to the west
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