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  1. Welcome, I have been a long time Carver fan. I also own a Sony PS X600 turntable which I have owned from new. There are more of these out there than I would have guessed. I am more of a casual vinyl listener, but this turntable has always ticked all of the boxes for me. I hope you enjoy yours.
  2. Thank you so much! Looking forward to auditioning this amp.
  3. Great karma. Just won one for the first time. Not in. Good luck to those that are. Congrats in advance to the winner!!!
  4. Great karma I have heard these back in day and was impressed. I went the route of ADS 300 speakers for compact speakers which I have several pairs in both metal and wood. Not in on this one good luck to those that are. Whoever wins will enjoy them.
  5. Wow this is first time I won anything this big. I look forward auditioning this amp in my system. I really appreciate all of the help and suggestions of the forum members here in getting my Carver gear back up and running. The generosity here both in time and equipment is truly amazing!! About four or five years ago, I was about to move on from Carver gear to something else. I was not satisfied with the dwindling local repair options. What stopped me from moving on was I could not find anything I liked better at a reasonable cost. After having my C1s given the BillD treatment by Bill himself and having one of my M1.0t amps given the Mark II upgrades by Rich I would not consider any other gear at this point. (Rich is now working on a second amp for me.) From day one, I have always liked the look, power and sound quality of Carver gear, even more so now with the Blue LEDs replacing the stock Red LEDs. I also like the fact that the company was located in Washington where I live. Thanks to everyone again for a great on-line community!! I will Karma something to the forum members here in the near future.
  6. I believe that I also was in the first time. I would love to audition one of these. IN PLEASE Thanks.
  7. I already have a turntable but great karma. Not in.
  8. Great Karma. Wish I had the need and the space to give these a listen. I would like to hear these in my own environment. Good luck to those who are in!!!
  9. Great Karma but not in. Good luck to those that are!!
  10. There has to be some fatalities or at least major injuries in some of the those videos. Looks like Darwin's law is at work here.
  11. Another great story. It is good hearing stories of you and your customers particularly those customers that share the obsession with audio that most of the members here are afflicted with!! I am also glad that there is another ADS fan out there on this forum. I have used ADS 300 speakers for my non-critical listening areas (except the one pair I use for the surround speakers in my home theater system) since the 1980s. More recently they have been paired up with a Sonos Zone player. I have re-foamed three pairs, including a very early production pair in silver I purchased on Ebay. In all I have three metal pairs t,wo black and the silver pair and three walnut pairs. Again for non-critical listening they have a great sound and look for their size.
  12. The new log house we just moved into is on Puget Sound waterfront property that has been in our family since the 1940s. The property has always had naturally occurring oysters on the beach, but we have harvested in excess of the natural reproduction rate over the last 5 years or so. Two and a half years ago I purchased two bags (1,000) of baby oysters and planted them on the beach. It appears that most have survived and have matured. The question remains is whether the population will be self sustaining, shrink or grow. Self sustaining would be the best. I would rather have the population shrink rather than grow dramatically. As a private individual too many oysters can impact your use of the beach for swimming and other recreation. I don't eat oysters so what I harvest is for family and friends.
  13. Lots of great talent amongst the members here. In addition to audio, my hobbies include: My two Boston Terriers Boating Home Automation Home Projects Woodworking and more recently oyster farming
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