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  1. A couple of bottles of magnesium citrate will make those low frequency "Active Physics" rumbles discernable and "Real" !
  2. Purchase decision will be subject to the lottery commission’s findings…stay tuned!
  3. Down to 1hz https://www.cnet.com/news/worlds-most-amazing-subwoofer-has-no-woofer/ http://www.rotarywoofer.com/ Helicopter rotor 11hz frequency like in the intro to "Seal Team" or large wind turbine blades.....It's all Al Gore's fault! Not a single solar panel on his large flat $8M houses A new notch filter Gundry board powered by the Hoover Dam will fix all this!
  4. I was hoping that a Bag End’s ELF-1 Infrasonic out of phase would calm down those Jurassic ripples in my coffee, but it only goes down to 8hz. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/way-down-deep-ii-bag-end-s21e Oh well...maybe one of those recliner kickers https://thebuttkicker.com/
  5. Na Na Na....here's what's really happening http://arcticcircle.uconn.edu/VirtualClassroom/HAARP/acf.html https://geopolitics.co/2015/06/06/us-air-force-admits-they-can-control-weather/ And now we're getting to see (and hear?) what happens when you mess with mother nature Weaponized weather....what can be more destructive?
  6. massastan

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    Summer is just around the corner
  7. Like the Post Title says, I have an RFQ and have one response
  8. Sounds like a potential trade in value....Thanks!
  9. Yup, I got my fathers 76 chevy 4wd 400 auto Scottsdale pickup with 53k miles on it in back of the house, rotting away after many years of good occasional use. It now needs work which I can do, but I would never use it that much to justify the effort, if done "Might" get me 12-16k. I've had the "I'll take it off your hands" or I'll do it for 8k offers, and had to restrain myself from getting the backhoe out for the offeror. I tell them that I'm running out of room in the back yard. It's a difficult, painful, and frustrating decision to issue that "DNR" order, but it's taken a while for me to realize it's time Anyone with old girlfriend/spouse versus new girlfriend/spouse analogies? The Gen 2 XSP-1 is $1200
  10. No blame meant. Thanks was intended. Just my frustration after all the research and requests over the last three years for a C1/C11 refresh, I give up. There seems to have been some good baselines for a refresh, but then after reading all the changes and differing opinions/arguments, I gave up. I still have the amps which were rebuilt as a result of the good knowledge and experience from this website, and will continue to "proudly" use them. The preamps are still operational at some unknown subjective level of degraded performance and will continue to be used in the short term. I have the ability and equipment to do any of this work, but choose at this time to leave it to an established business with experts who may still be doing this work, for which I haven't found many, other than the one quoted, for the preamps. This thread can be used as a reference for anyone else looking to have a C1 or C11 rebuilt/refreshed in the future. The Emotiva XSP-1 seems to be a unique option, other than the C1 and C11 to me, to extend the use of the good two channel systems shown on this site for home theater use.
  11. Thanks for the offer to take a C11 off my hands. I certainly wouldn’t want to put 650 into a 150 preamp that would still be a 150 preamp. Your offer has however conjured up an alternative use. At my range we have egg shoots. That’s shooting at egg shaped profiles on paper with a one inch shoot-n-see in the middle at 100 yards. Ties are broken with a shoot-off of five tootsie rolls standing upright. This new idea would involve a schematic with a grab bag of locations and points based on the size of the components, for a circuit reflow shoot. Those little carbon resistor buggers would fetch the most points! You get the idea. Thanks for getting me all excited! I’m just trying to figure out if we do the faceplate first or last. I love shooting bugs off targets at 100 yards!
  12. I used POR-15 last year on my campers dual axle wheel/frame and support area. Great stuff. I sandblasted the area, then Dupont 5717S metal prep, then two coats of POR-15 (next day 320 scuff in between), then Rust-Olem top coat after another 320 scuff. A friend has two Scarabs. That's a 280Z with a corvette engine. Scary fast Are those subs dual 12W7's ? Remember, concussion damage is cumulative, and may lead to using and maintaining old audio equipment.
  13. A wide range of sounds https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/gotye/like-drawing-blood/ Also, http://www.bostonaudiosociety.org/bas_cd.htm The birds and frogs sound tasty !
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