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  1. I have been buying the Black Bush in the 1.75l size lately (more than twice 750ml for less than twice the price) as I have decided that the only way to drink coffee (or at least the best) is as Irish Coffee.
  2. schultdw


    I assume you are targeting some FTP free OS. (Knowing which one would help.) FTP is available on every Linux distribution and that is what I always use.
  3. I just checked my copy of "Brothers in Arms" purchased in 1985 and it is riddled with pinholes. I will have to check and see how that effects playback.
  4. Not rubbing alcohol, please. It usually has stuff added to it that you do not want on your electrical contacts.
  5. I see that this unit has 4 wire resistance capability. This is incredibly useful. I was thinking recently that I could use a bench unit in addition to my ancient Heathkit DMM. So in.
  6. It amazes that anyone could believe something so easily refuted. Keeling curve If Mt. Pinatubo had really produced such a huge amount of CO2 you would expect to be able to see it in that graph. Not a subtle increase but a huge jump. Where is it?
  7. It seems highly unlikely. First of all there is the serious barrier that in order to apply an ESD pulse to the muting JFET you must first get past the outer ground connection of the RCA connector. You could perhaps do that if you held a cable in your hand being very careful to touch the center pin of one end as you plugged in the other. Then there is the problem of the JFET. This ESD pulse is applied not to the gate but to the drain. Keep in mind that this is a depletion mode JFET so in order for it to be off the gate must be 3V or so more negative than the source. In other words it provides a low resistance (50 Ohms or so) path to ground from drain to source unless power is on. The gate on the other hand has a series 2.2K resistor and is connected to the output of an opamp. Electrons can sometimes be notional things but the drain to source path would appear to be preferred. Correlation is not causation.
  8. The more I think about it the more I think it is slightly better than a fetid dingo's kidney. :-)
  9. Not all digital filters are linear phase. Analog filters are never linear phase.
  10. One of the neat things about digital filters is that you can design one with linear phase. All frequencies are delayed equally so there is no "time smear". Although the article never defined that term so I can only assume what they meant.
  11. While I was ordering parts to upgrade my C-1 I also ordered some RCA connectors so I could build some cables. One of the minor problems I have put up with for years is using cables that are a bit short. The components of my system are located so that there isn't much need for long runs from one side to the other but there are three: DVD out to C-1 AUX2 in C-1 main out to ICBM-1 in Denon AVR787 front left/right out to C-1 TAPE2 in. There were connected with very run of the mill interconnects that are 6 feet long. While they are just long enough to make the connections they are too short for reasonable routing. As a result all three are snuggled up behind the TV. The only problem with this is that when I power up my particle accelerator I hear an audible thump/hum transient from the speakers. The goal of the new interconnects was to make them long enough so that they could be routed away from the CRT. If the TV ever dies I am thinking that I will replace it with a 42" flat screen which requires new center shelves and longer interconnects so they should be long enough if that happens. The new connectors are Neutrik NYS373 and the cable is from my stock of Belden 9501 24 AWG STP. (Shielded Twisted Pair) (I picked up a 1000' roll for $30 quite a few years back.) This isn't anything like fancy OFC single crystal wire but I am not convinced that makes any difference. Construction was simple: cut 12' lengths of cable and solder. Being sure to connect the cable shield to signal ground at one end only. The end result was that the annoying power on thump is gone. The only surprising thing is that I didn't think of this years ago.
  12. The Chain Digital Source Marantz CC-4001 CD Changer, Denon DVD-2200 Analog Source Carver TX-11, Denon DP-45F Turntable, Nakamichi RX-505 Other Sources Signal Processors DBX 4BX, Outlaw Audio ICBM-1, Velodyne SMS-1, Denon AVR-787 Pre Amp Carver C-1 Power Amp Sunfire Cinema Grand (5X200), Carver M400t, TFM-6cb (retired) Speakers Magnepan MMG, MGCC2, Klipsh Kg2 Subwoofer JBL 2245H in custom box Speaker Cables copper Interconnects what came in the box Power Cables ditto Headphones/Amp Grado SR-60 System Rack 3/4" threaded rod and 3/4" MDF Power Conditioning 2 Isobar power strips fed by two dedicated 20 Amp circuits Tuning and Tweaks Other Components Phillips/Magnavox 32" CRT, JVC VCR, DTVPal DVR, Roku,CM-7000 DTV Converter
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