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Transferring vhs and 8mm film to dvd

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I went up in the attic at my mom's place 2 weeks ago and gathered a ton of equipment.

Found three 8 mm  bell & howe projectors which all work, slide projectors, three different camcorders from different eras, at least a hundred VHS tapes with movies on starting from 1980. Also, ton of audio gear from the 70s and 80s.

Found my mother's wedding on 8mm film from 1955. I purchased a Magnavox VHS to DVD converter and have burned about 25 DVD' so far.

I'm also looking at the wolverine 8 mm machine that will convert 8 mm tape to a flash drive.

I heard that machine is very slow. Are there any other machines that will convert 8 mm film to DVD like the machine I have for VHS?? I have not found anything yet.

My mother will be tickled pink when she sees all these videos especially her wedding. 

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There is a company in Richmond va that is/was supposed to be very good at doing. this. They used to be on one of my routes but I'm drawing a blank on the name. If you'd like I'll try to dig them up.

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Thanks again for the replies. I have 27 of these 8mm reels to convert over...that's a lot of film!

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