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Old Treasures rediscovered

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Hi All! New kid on the block. I have an MRX 130 receiver and a Nakamichi BX300 cassette deck along with a Nakamichi CD player. I also have a B&O RX turntable.

I finally got them out of storage after 15yrs or so. Needless to say all this equipment had issues, had to replace belts on everything, but I'm having some issues with the Receiver.

I've been in touch with Les Wolff and purchased new relays, also got the high efficiency power regulator, however my NR board looks nothing like his example and my other resistors

don't have all the same values. I can't post my pictures of said devices due to site rules so we'll just have to wait this one out! This Receiver has never been in a shop and I am the original owner.

I showed the picture to Les and said he's never seen that version before. I'm guessing it's a very early design if he hasn't sen it before. I would like to know if any of the other Gurus on this site have seen this version before. If I can say anything about it that's different the color of the board is Green and there far less components on the board. I may have shot myself in the foot, by not taking my time with removing output relays.

 What I'm saying is that I didn't remove enough solder and forcibly removed the relay and pulled part of 2 traces off with it.

Does anyone know if I can get an SP 508 board to replace it ? I can probably repair it for now but then it would less than perfect! I'm all ears.

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Welcome to the site, @DWieand.


if you can post a picture or two - that might be helpful.


However, most things of that era are unobtanium..., and unfortunately, the route to repair will be to repair those traces. 


I'm not a tech..., but dangerous to know that the likelihood of swapping harvested parts from a donor is a crap-shoot.  


If Les says he has never seen that before - it's got to be rare.  Les has seen a lot of those 130's.  


Just thinking ahead and strategizing with absolutely no real skill on my part, I'm going to say you need to rebuild what you have, fix the damage, to make the unit you had all these years work again.  Alternatively, lots of people throw their hands up, and just get a new-old unit on ebay, without the damage, and restore that as a replacement.


Good luck, post pictures..., and welcome to the site!

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Welcome to TCS. 

The vintage Nakamichi gear was excellent. I've had a couple pieces over the years and really liked them.

Les has been around a long time, if he hasn't seen that version it must be very rare.

Finding a new board would likely be impossible. If the board is the same as the common models, you might a parts unit for a low cost and salvage a board.


Usually a trace can be repaired without effecting performance. You can recreate the foil trace in copper foil, if you have no other options, and need a bridge type repair that lays flat on the board, like under a relay.


Its just a thought.



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Hello Dewieand, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help. A couple of them have already chimed in. Maybe others will too.


You should be able to post pics once you get to Novice status. Just a few more Thumbs Up reactions will get you there. Also, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.



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You won't see the option until you reach Novice. Once you do, there will be a box below the post editor.  Instructions are in the box with various options. On my phone, I have "Add Files" and a drop down box labeled "Other Media".


I hope that helps. 

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9 hours ago, DWieand said:

How do you post pictures on here?

Keep posting, after about 5 or 6 posts, you'll move up in status.  


The site uses this approach to eliminate LOTS of drop-in spammers..., it prevents lots of really crummy non-Carver, non-Audio, non-Member "junk" from filling up the site's content - and hard disks.  Since we're self-supporting (volunteer members of the site give $$ to keep the licenses for the forum software, the server licenses, and the hard disk space..., etc.) ... this keeps content and costs in check and separates the spammers form folks that really want to be here! 


Thanks for your patience, and really wanting to be here!   And, again, welcome to the site!! 😉 

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15 hours ago, DWieand said:

How do you post pictures on here?


If you're using a PC, the option is on the bottom of the post editor.  On the left side, there's a paperclip, and the instructions "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..."   Below that is the accepted file types. You can eitner drag and drop the pictures, or if you click on choose files... , your file browser will pop up and you can navigate to the files location on your hard drive(s). On the right hand side is the same drop down box that offers the choices of using a picture that you've already posted (not applicable in you case) insert image from url which links to an image on the web.


I hope that helps :D 

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These are pictures I wanted to show. The first one is the NR board that Les said he had never seen. The second pic is showing 2 3w power resistors totaling 1590 ohms.

According to the schematic there should be an 820 ohm resistor there. I will show the S/N of the unit and the schematic where it's showing the values of the resistors for High efficiency power  regulator that Les is selling. I was able to locate another SP 508 board on E bay all intact.

20230105_193207 (600x800).jpg

20230105_191959 (600x800).jpg

20230111_192221 (600x800).jpg

20230106_213844 (600x800).jpg

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