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i  bought a carver amp when i was in the Army 30 years ago. have since bought 2 more and had them rebuilt by nelion audio. now i want to sell 1. someone suggested this site so im here now.


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Hi konrad, and welcome to thecarversite.com. 


Once you get to Novice status, you'll have access to the Trading Post forums here. You'll also be able to post pics of the gear you want to sell.


In the meantime, feel free to go into a bit more detail about the amp you wish to sell and your other gear as well. We all like pics of all kinds of gear.



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  • Community Admin

Welcome @konrad.  Good luck on the sale, and also we'd love it if you hung out, and shared more about your Carver Journey.  Many of us are like you, got into Carver 30+ years ago.  Lots of history here.

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Thanks for the welcome. i bought my first carver equipment when i was stationed in Bamberg Germany in the late 80s. i was living on post, i had some disposable income and i had been influenced by my dad who always had an adequate system so i splurged.  i bought(financed) a pair of klipsch la scala, an M-1.5t amp, a CT-7 preamp and some carver cd player. i went from nothing to top of the line of what was available at the PX. i was quite pleased. after i left the army (3yrs) and started renting i got rid of the speakers, at 125 lbs each lugging them around was not sustainable and they took up a lot of space. I put the carver equipment in storage. a couple years ago i had the verve and some cash to reestablish a suitable sound system. i  brought that equipment out of mothballs and bought a set of Martin Logan 40i s after doing a bunch of side-by-side comparisons at a best buy demo room. when i got them home noticed the 2 sets of inputs and then learned about bi amping. im a sucker for power so i figured id add another amp and use that extra set of inputs. i mentioned to a friend i was looking for another amp and he just happened to know someone who had 2 matching M 1.5s for sale. it seemed like this i what i was supposed to do so i drove 3 hours away to Michigan and bought them. got then home and wired it all up. it was great, like the good old days. the fault light would come on every now and then. i looked around and found Nelion Audio and had them both rebuilt, did the mk5 upgrade and IEC socket. i added a klipsch r-120SW subwoofer as an experiment thinking it might be over kill. it added a whole new level of enjoyment so much that i bought another one. (i want 2 more) thats where i am these days. i have an M-1.5t for sale and id like to get a modern preamp with blue tooth or something and without an FM receiver.  im using a blue tooth adapter plugged into the video jack so i can get by. pre-amp recommendations would be appreciated.

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