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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!
  2. He does not have any manuals for the PL 5000 Series 2 tuner. The listing he had was an error. I was able to find an owners manual on eBay though. Carter
  3. I checked and that is for the 5000 series 2 turntable and not the tuner.
  4. I have one that I will consider selling. It's actually boxed up right now because I'm planning a move. I'll try and find it in my stack of boxes. It's been completely refreshed with the help of many people on this site. New caps, relays, some resistors, etc. I'll PM you with particulars and some pictures after I find it. Found it and PM sent. Carter
  5. Hello all, I just picked up a Phase Linear 5000 Series 2 tuner and I need an owner/service manual. Let me know. Thanks....Carter
  6. C'mon guys, just hang it up next to the Carver throw and it would look pretty cool! Carter
  7. Very nice Karma but not in. My wife says any more gear needs to go out the door and not in. She may be right and I do already have a C-4000. Carter
  8. Welcome skids to a very addictive web site. Carter
  9. What size are they? Carter
  10. I'm learning to play the guitar. That pic is of an Epiphone Genesis that I bought. I'll have to take a pic of my Zenith cube. Carter
  11. Nothing too cryptic about my user name, Zenith4me. I got hooked on Zenith tube radios a few years ago. I really like the look of the Zenith cube style radios such as the model 5S218. I have one that I restored a few years ago. I had two of them but I gave one to a friend for his birthday a few years ago. My wife usually just gives me an odd look when I'm carrying stuff in the front door but she likes the Zenith cube radios. Carter
  12. We have two pianos in my house. My wife plays the piano and I play the guitar. She can hear when my guitar is out of tune but I can't. She will come over and say your "E" is out of tune. Pretty amazing that she can sense that. Ok, I gotta say it. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish. Carter
  13. Happy Birthday! Carter
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