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  1. This song has been stuck in my head. Carter
  2. I read that article last week. That is one lucky intern that is going to get rich.
  3. Welcome to the site. Very cool username....I like it!
  4. Wow, almost 4 million for his Fender Strat! And he donated it all to charity. What a guy! Carter
  5. Welcome aboard Dr. You've come to the right place!
  6. So sorry to hear about your loss.
  7. There is someone at work that uses "basically" about ten times per discussion. It's very distracting.
  8. Now that I'm getting older (63 this year) I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to: 1) be in a big hurry 2) jump to conclusions 3) let little things bother me 4) replace all caps in a single soldering session (I put a red Sharpie dot on a cap as it's replaced. I then come back later and do the remaining caps without a red dot) 5) The list is endless Carter
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