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  1. -Praise the Lord, Sir Connor is HEALTHY & Handsome too !!!
  2. -Most just wouldn't understand.... "Hairless heart" from /The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway -The 'concept' album is personal reference listening for myself [the SACD was remastered by jack wagons !] -Funny thing is; the TM said PG's voice sounded like PG was 'on the toilet'... -The album did sound poor on his AL5's as those spkr's were made for techno disco -Point being / Know what kind of music YOUR spkr 'builder' listens to before one plunks down the loot -Sorry but I'm not
  3. -WELCOME BUDDY !!! -SUPER CLEAN 'GUTS' and great pics too -boy do i love them well taken pics [jealous really]
  4. -nice score... -i really like carvers al3 matte black w/wood grain finish...my favorite of any speaker system -kinda a semi transparent and solid stain together -glad one of the good guys got em !!!
  5. -great thread...beautiful work man -dam lotta drivers
  6. -could use some help below ... http://www.thecarversite.com/yetanotherforum/default.aspx?g=topics&f=13
  7. -check 'overveiw' from my last post...if you can possibly manage the time Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs are the best CD-Recordable discs available today. Their combination of recording quality, playback compatibility and printability make them the best value of any disc. Taiyo Yuden blank CDs are unlike any other CD-R in their recording quality, playback and print quality, which is reason enough to choose Taiyo Yuden CDs over any other disc. Did you know Taiyo Yuden invented the CD-Recordable? Taiyo Yuden, one of Japan’s largest suppliers of electronic components, was approached by Sony & Philip
  8. http://www.shop4tech.com/item2199.html -not brand new news but... -hope above added linky works -peace
  9. -does one have to 'strap' the 9t's to run the polk sda's off them ? [common ground] -been kickin around mlogans or polk sda's ...still very undecided, a dIlema -
  10. -chris squire [yes's bassist] 'swiss choir' -believe its oop...
  11. -idjit dellsux wont 'give' your tubes etc. -that unit would look pretty on a desk w/cans -ah; the golden age of steam lol lol
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