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  1. I just want to thank Mark for all the work he did on this project, and thank him for mailing me a set. I just got it in the mail and in a few minutes I'll get to check out the tunes. Thanks so much Mark! -Rob
  2. Rob41

    Favorite Pictures

    Gotta say I'm partial to this pic.
  3. What's an Amish woman's favorite fansasy? To Mennonite.
  4. Really great job putting this reference music together Mark. I'd love to get a copy and would be happy to pay for any costs to be able to get a set of the discs. I'll PM you. Rob
  5. Wow, that's a great list and reference discs! I see why I didn't find it but I'll still throw out a...DoH! Is that Ontario Rod that donated the lightscribe drive? Really glad if he's still here. So what do I need to do to get a copy? Looks like a great reference set.
  6. First let me apologize if this has already been discussed, but after searching here and on google I couldn't find anything. Okay, so I figured everyone has a favorite track or tracks they like to use to demo gear or their own system. Perhaps we can add some really good material to our own list of test music. I'll start by saying that the Eagles Hotel California seems to work well for me. I like the delicate plucking of the strings, the taping of the cymbols and although the bass notes aren't the deepest, they do impact with authority with a precise attack. I find the dynamics of Hot
  7. Rob41

    PDRs stuff

    Perry, Your gear looks amazing. I posted in this thread four years ago and had no clue what I was looking at. I've learned a lot since then and can now truly appreciate your gear. OB, line array and bass augmentation. That's great stuff and right up my ally....now. Really nice work!
  8. I love the grain in the wood. Much better than factory!
  9. Congrats Unbalanced! We're all a bit unbalanced here. lol
  10. Welcome Bob. Thanks so much for stopping by the forum. It's great to see you and the "Bobfather' collaborating on such wonderful audio gear. I am, and I'm sure everyone else here, are thrilled to have you visit our site and hope you'll stop by to "hang out" with us enthusiasts. Best of luck with the new venture!
  11. Congrats on the gear! As everyone has already said, you will love the M1.0t. It really is a great sounding amp. I've told people at other forums it's a great choice even if you've only got speakers with a max of 100 watts and listen to music at moderately low levels. The amp just doesn't even break a sweat in that scenario which is a good thing. Enjoy the new gear!
  12. I feel bad for the Bobfather, it doesn't seem like he's had much in the legal arena.
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